Investor Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Index Ventures

  • Index Ventures is a global venture capital firm based in San Francisco and London, known for its focus on building relationships with entrepreneurs across various stages of growth.
  • The firm has made investments in well-known companies like Figma, Dropbox, Wiz, Scale, Discord, Adyen, Datadog, and Roblox, showing their commitment to finding tech innovators.
  • Unlike many VC firms that look only at the companies they are investing in, Index Ventures places a high value on the people behind the ideas, investing in founders who are game-changers with a strong vision.




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Who are Index Ventures?


Index Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in game-changers in the tech industry.

With global reach and a philosophy centred around the belief that “ideas don’t build businesses, people do,” Index Ventures looks to invest in the visionaries behind ideas that are set to change the world.

This ideology is reflected in their portfolio of investments. With a global reach, Index Ventures supports companies at every stage of their journey, from seed to venture to growth, showing their value in long-term relationships over transactional deals.


What markets does Index Ventures invest in?


Index Ventures backs founders across a wide variety of industries, focusing particularly on tech.

Their investments span software, AI, biotech, fintech, and more, showing a broad interest in companies that use technology to disrupt and innovate in their fields.


Who are some of Index Ventures’ most well-known investments?


Among Index Ventures’ most well known investments are world-famous companies such as Glossier, Dropbox, Robinhood, Printify, Discord, ASOS, Revolut, and Roblox.

These companies have become leaders within their fields, each re-defining industries with their technology.

On their website, Index Ventures lists over 200 companies that they have invested in from Seed to IPO, showing their commitment to scaling hundred of businesses worldwide.


Where can you find Index Ventures?


To explore more about Index Ventures or figure out how to pitch to them, visit their website: