iOS17 Is Here, And This Is What You Can Expect

Apple plans to release iOS 17 later this month. The company showcased the new software this week, revealing various new features and improvements.

The new update allows more flexibility and customisation, offering users ways to personalise their experience according to their preferences. Developers also strengthened security measures to better protect personal data.

Easier Access to Developer Beta

Before even getting to features, it’s worth mentioning that for the first time, you can download the developer beta of iOS 17 with just an Apple ID. Previous versions required a paid developer subscription.

Devices Left Behind

iPhone X or older models, won’t be able to update to iOS 17. The update supports only iPhones from the A12 Bionic chip or newer. This includes iPhone 8 and 8 Plus users.

Revamped User Interface

The home screen is getting a facelift with interactive widgets. You can now control smart home features, like lights, directly from the Home widget. The lock screen is also seeing changes, with wallpaper brightness adjusting to suit dark or light modes.

Standby Mode and Home Screen Tweaks

When your phone is charging horizontally, Standby mode kicks in. It displays widget information in a way that’s easy on the eyes, adjusting colours according to the time of day. Shaking the phone now also cancels any widget or app moving operations.

Smarter Keyboard

Autocorrect is getting smarter and more personal. It’ll underline words it changes, allowing you to revert with a simple tap. The on-device transformer model powers this feature, providing a more accurate and personalised text prediction.


Enhanced AirDrop and Search

AirDrop now has a NameDrop feature that initiates file transfers by tapping your phone against another iOS device. The Spotlight search now offers the option to toggle system settings directly from the search results.

Focus and Siri Upgrades

New to Focus mode is the ability to silence notifications selectively. Siri can now be activated by saying just “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri”, and it remembers your choices for messaging apps.

Visual and Audio Aid

Visual Lookup now recognises car dashboard symbols and clothing labels. A new Personal Voice feature in Accessibility allows users to generate a text-to-speech voice that resembles their own.

Advanced Camera and Photos

The camera now has optional settings like “Level,” which shows a line for better alignment of your shots. The Photos app lets you search for recipes using a picture of food and categorises your pets into the ‘people’ section.

Messages and Communication

The Messages app has a new safety feature called “Check In”. It notifies a contact once you reach a specified destination. Calls now also display a Live Voicemail transcript, allowing you to decide whether or not to pick up.

New Apps and Features

A new Journal app lets you keep a diary that’s secured end-to-end. The Health app allows you to track your mood and even take assessments for anxiety and depression. In Fitness, Apple Fitness+ offers custom workout plans and more.

Security Additions

One-time verification codes from emails can now be filled in directly within Safari. A new Lockdown mode enhances security by disabling certain APIs and network connections that might be susceptible to attacks.

The soon-to-be-released iOS 17 focuses on enhancing user experience and security features. Whether you use your iPhone for basic tasks or more, this update appears to offer something for all kinds of users.