Is the UK Behind in the Cannatech Race?

Technology offers many new possibilities for cannabis producers and consumers alike and has the power to take the CBD industry to a new level. Cannatech is changing everything about cannabis;  how it is grown (bespoke greenhouses), manufactured, purchased, delivered, customised—and, of course, consumed.

What is Cannatech?

New technologies, known as cannatech, are changing the cannabis industry. One such technology is nano-encapsulation; this makes CBD soluble and gives rise to CBD infused drinks. Another innovation is customised consumption which connects consumers with personalised brands and products. From a cultivation perspective, technology is being used to sequence cannabis DNA, extract, purify and test compounds and help develop products. 

Who is Ahead of the CBD Game?

Countries such as Israel, The Netherlands, USA and Canada are leading the way in canntech, having received investment in projects and, in some cases, government funding.  Despite the UK being home to the world’s single largest legal cannabis cultivation site, 18 hectares at British Sugar’s Wissington facility, cannatech is still behind. This is even more surprising considering the increasing numbers of THC licences being granted by the Home Office and onslaught of brands entering the UK CBD market.

Missed Opportunity for the UK

Professor Mike Barnes, Neurologist and Co-Founder of Maple Tree Consultancy, believes the UK are behind in the Cannatech race. By legalising cannabis, the UK can build on their existing tech foundations and accelerate research and development in cannabis. This could catapult the UK to the front of the cannatech race and aid the UK in other technological spheres. For example, agri-tech. Cannabis is the ideal crop for testing new agri-tech methods. Subsequently, they could pioneer new indoor farming methods and ensure food production in the future. 

The Future of Cannatech

These innovative new technologies are changing the face of cannabis production and consumption. The expansion of the industry could mean increased economic growth and job opportunities. With cannabis consumption still illegal in the UK it is impossible to know for sure what may happen. However, many cannatech apostles think that the UK is home to untapped potential. From an economic and technological perspective, the UK may have the opportunity to lead the global cannatech race. The result could be a huge boost to the economy.