Is Twitch the New Platform for Beauty Brands? Charlotte Tilbury Takes the Leap

In a bold move that blends the worlds of beauty and gaming, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has entered the realm of live streaming on Twitch. 

The renowned makeup brand has launched its official Twitch channel, introducing a new audience to Charlotte Tilbury’s tips and tricks, as well as makeup tutorials. With a schedule featuring three-hour live streams five days a week, hosted by two Twitch-native streamers, this venture marks a significant milestone for the brand.


A Fusion of Beauty and Gaming


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is making a splash on Twitch by combining two seemingly distinct worlds: makeup and gaming. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Twitch channel, hosted by popular Twitch streamers Meggsoundslikeegg and 35pRamen, aims to seamlessly blend the beauty and gaming industries. The channel features a variety of formats, offering viewers a unique and entertaining experience.

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The Must-Watch Formats


The Charlotte Tilbury Twitch channel boasts three must-watch formats:

Get Ready with Me and Game: In this format, the hosts create their favorite Charlotte Tilbury looks while diving into the hottest games. It’s a perfect blend of beauty and gaming, catering to a diverse audience.

The Tilbury Time Podcast Stream: This segment features a selection of guests who discuss an incredible range of topics, both within and beyond the world of gaming. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pro Makeover Fridays: To kickstart the weekend glamour, Team Tilbury’s fantastic pro artists offer masterclass sessions. These sessions provide valuable insights into makeup application techniques and beauty tips using Charlotte Tilbury’s bestsellers.

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An Exclusive Platform for Gamers and Beauty Enthusiasts


The Charlotte Tilbury Twitch channel focuses on their best selling makeup, skincare, and gaming, with the mission to entertain and inform. 

Hosts Meg and Davina offer exclusive content tailored specifically for Twitch. Viewers can look forward to giveaways, competitions, unboxings, and exciting brand updates, including new product reveals and exclusive access to red-carpet events.


Empowering Women in Gaming


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has also taken a commendable step by partnering with Women in Games, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to championing women and girls in the global gaming network. 

This partnership showcases the brand’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry.


A Record-Breaking Start


The brand’s foray into Twitch has already been incredibly popular.

Earlier this year, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty joined the 2023 BAFTA Games Awards, delivering nearly 6 hours of livestream content that garnered an impressive 38,465 unique views. Hosts Meg and Davina brought the magic of Charlotte Tilbury to the awards, further solidifying the brand’s presence in the gaming community.


A Vision for the Future


Corinne Suchy, Chief Technology and Growth Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, expressed her enthusiasm for the brand’s entry into the gaming world, stating, “Creating immersive experiences and delivering elevated and educational content to our customers sits at the heart of Charlotte Tilbury’s mission.” She emphasised the importance of connecting with global audiences in innovative ways.

As Charlotte Tilbury Beauty continues to evolve, it’s clear that the brand is dedicated to reaching its customers in exciting and disruptive ways. And with its new Twitch channel, it has found a dynamic platform to do just that.

In the ever-evolving landscape of brand engagement, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty’s move to Twitch highlights the potential for beauty brands to tap into the world of gaming, offering unique and engaging content to a diverse audience. 

As the line between gaming and other industries continues to blur, we can expect to see more beauty brands follow Charlotte Tibury’s lead and explore the vast opportunities on platforms like Twitch.

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