International Healthcare Partnership Forms Joint Venture to Support Battle Against Omicron

UK-based NPH Group has partnered with global healthcare equipment supplier BHA Medical and other research, implementation organisations, to support the rollout of Covid-19 testing in South Africa. The joint venture has already delivered over four million Covid-19 tests globally.

Together NPH Group, BHA and partnering organisations have the experience, technology, and on the ground resources to speed up testing in South Africa and are aiming to slow the spread of the new Covid-variant. In addition, the partnerships are paving the way for further collaboration with a future focus on health screening for HIV, TB, malaria, yellow fever, and many other conditions.


NPH Group
NPH Group has formed a joint venture with BHA Medical in South Africa to deliver Covid testing to organisations throughout the country.


Mark Schroder, CEO of BHA Medical Southern Africa, said: “With offices in the UK, USA, China, Canada, Mauritius and South Africa, our approach to tackling Covid-19 has played a pivotal role in reopening industries globally. In South Africa, we are already helping numerous small, medium and large organisations with the highest quality screening protocols to protect staff, partners, suppliers and travellers.”

Knowing where disease is and how it spreads is key to the prevention of ill-health. We want to help close the gap between unscreened and undiagnosed infectious diseases.”

“We have worked hard with NPH Group throughout the pandemic to supply millions of testing products and services in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. Our partnership began in the UK, where jointly we support Newcastle International Airport, Ocado and Virgin Voyages, amongst others. Most recently we have begun rolling out test and manage facilities in South Africa to support the public healthcare system in monitoring and controlling the virus.”

“Our vision is to enhance the health and wellbeing of developed and developing countries, promoting knowledge transfer and skills.”



BHA and NPH have developed online medical technology which enables travel testing, and a Test Manage and Monitor Programme (TMMP) for business to manage venues, events, and workplaces.

Mark Philpott, CEO at NPH Group said of the venture: “Our partnership with BHA Medical means we can deliver an end-to-end test, trace and manage service to businesses and organisations across the globe. The supply chain and logistical experience that BHA have, means we are always in an excellent position to deliver on our promises.

“Our jointly developed NPH iMed App interfaces directly with our Test Manager solution, giving businesses and organisations full control over their testing and monitoring requirements, helping them keep their employees safe. In the UK, the data feeds directly into Public Health England, and so it also means we are supporting the NHS by reducing the burden on them.

“The partnership is enabling future collaboration on projects aimed at supporting health screening in sub-Saharan Africa with a current focus on Covid-19 but with other health conditions such as HIV, TB, malaria, yellow fever and other illnesses soon to be implemented. Together through our technology and delivery of our test and trace solution on the ground, we can help close the gap between undiagnosed illnesses and help turn the tide on their spread through populations.”

“These initiatives strive to improve visibility and enable the tracking of disease in populations and in the workplace.”

“In addition, we will be assisting corporate organisations with staff programmes aimed at drug testing, which will be integrated into the organisations human resource systems.”