Jolt: London’s gym membership for your mind

Roei Deutsch, the CEO of Jolt, founded the company back in 2015 as a marketplace for lectures. Last year the startup launched its first campus, offering regular study programs. After raising $7.15m in Series A funding, Jolt is now bringing this offering to London.

The startup functions like a gym, but for your brain. Signups happen via the app, customers pay a subscription fee to gain access to different classes that promise to help your future-proof your career. Monthly membership costs £100 a month and an annual membership works out at around £80 a month. 

The first set of talks and sessions include Instagram marketing classes from Natalie Frank, ex-Google employee and founder of the Rising Tide Society. Gibson Biddle, a former VP of product at Netflix, will be teaching you how to make ‘wicked hard’ product decisions. 

Over 1,000 people have applied for Jolt in the pre-launch registration phase. Multiple classes will be run throughout the year so if you miss a specific session, there should be another opportunity later on. The start-up is already planning to open a second campus in Soho in the summer, allowing them to offer even more chances to learn. 

Jolt allows its customers to gain a hobby outside of work and improve their portfolio by gaining new skills. Having a hobby might seem trivial but it has been shown to help you perform better in the office, with lower chance of burnout.  As we enter the age of automation, gaining a wider set of skills has become a pressing issue.

Members also benefit from having access to Jolt’s wider network, allowing for countless networking opportunities. 

Jolt’s UK regional director, Dion McKenzie, discusses the first London campus launch, saying: “Traditional learning methods are failing to meet consumer demands for ongoing and constant learning that benefits you both personally and in a professional capacity.”