Is JUSTIP™ The Next Irish Tech Unicorn?


JUSTIP™, the European Tech startup that has transformed the way consumers reward great service while reducing the administration of managing tips for hospitality owners, has announced the strengthening of its client base and its expansion into the UK. JUSTIP™ is now working with over 130 retail hospitality clients spread between Ireland and the UK while actively seeking further opportunities in the US.

Founded in July 2021, by Ciara Walsh and James Fahy, JUSTIP ™ uses secure, universal wireless payment technology that provides benefits to everyone in the hospitality chain and makes the giving of a tip a real pleasure for all. As technologies improve and adapt so will JUSTIP ™ as the platform is robust, flexible, and futureproofed.

For Employers, JUSTIP™ takes away the hassle of managing and distributing tips and improves staff acquisition and retention and protects against potential negative market perception. For the employees, JUSTIP™ provides transparent tip payments with an instant phone notification and deposits the tips directly to the employee’s bank account. Finally, JUSTIP™ gives the person giving the tip the peace of mind that all their tip is going direct to the staff, especially as we all move more and more to a cashless society.

Brian Nolan of Gerard’s Deli & Mingles Ice Cream in Ireland was an early and enthusiastic adopter. He said “JUSTIP™ allowed our staff to receive extra income through one of the toughest periods for hospitality in over a decade. I am certain that Ciara and James have created a platform that will help millions get what they are entitled to. So impressed was I in the platform, I have invested in it but what I am really investing in is Ciara and James. They have changed the way people give tips and they have changed it for good”

Commenting on the news, James said “From the outset Ciara and I wanted JUSTIP ™, to have a positive impact on society. We set out with one goal in mind “to put money back in the pockets of those that need it the most in real time.” Ciara, who had worked in a few pubs, looked at JUSTIP ™ from the angle of the staff and I saw it from the angle of the consumer and from there we built a product that worked for management while keeping the employees and paying customers in mind to. We have aggressively examined the business to ensure we can deliver the JUSTIP™ platform and service at scale, as we step forward into the US market.

Ciara concluded “With everything that the world has been through in the last two year, I would have been concerned if we had founded a company that didn’t have a really strong philanthropic angel. We know JUSTIP provides an invaluable service for people who really need it. The hospitality industry has been hit so hard with the pandemic, its a really good feeling that to feel like you are making their life just a bit easier. As James has already said the US is definitely a massive, strategic opportunity as the tipping culture over there is huge, and a lot of people rely solely on their tips as a main form of income. With JUSTIP ™ they will always get what they are due, in full.”