Juvenescence, the U.K. startup raises $10m to extend human life span

Juvenescence is the U.K. firm trying to increase human longevity. The startup recently received a $10 million investment from billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, the cofounder of Australian software giant Atlassian.

Juvenescence closed a $100 million series B funding round on Monday. The firm raised the $100m at a valuation of $500 million, and is planning to IPO in New York next year.

Today, Juvenescence’s total investment stands at around $165 million.

The startup is aiming to extend the average human life span, today, it’s around 72 years. Billionaires are investing heavily in a handful of life science startups hoping to make people live longer.

Instead of working towards one single cure all for a longer life, the startup aims to build a “longevity ecosystem”, a portfolio of interlinked companies working on therapies and treatments helping people to live longer, healthier lives.

The company’s website reads: “We actively look for scientific founders probing exciting areas of aging biology, and work with leading research institutions to create joint ventures combining their IP and our resources.”

The Juvenescence team currently consists of 20 scientists, drug developers, AI specialists, and financial experts, coordinating the efforts of its portfolio. The firm is working towards new treatments for cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and heart disease.

To date, Juvenescence has invested in 15 companies, including California-based AgeX Therapeutics and Fox Bio. Both companies are working on therapies that can improve old human tissue.

“We have recruited a group of sophisticated shareholders from around the world to further our common mission of improving human healthy lifespan,” Jim Mellon, chair of Juvenescence, said in a statement.

“Juvenescence has now raised more money than any comparable company, which is testament to the depth of our team and the range of opportunities that we have assembled, in partnership with scientist/entrepreneurs and research institutions. As the science of longevity becomes mainstream, we expect significant investor interest, and at some point, we anticipate taking Juvenescence public to further accelerate our development.”