You Can Now Pay For Online Shopping in Cash

The UK welcomes a fresh face in e-commerce, Kasssh, making a splash by offering a cash payment option for online shoppers. This service is a boon for people who want to use hard cash for their internet purchases. It’s simple: shoppers receive a barcode for their online order and pay in cash at a local PayPoint store.

Kasssh’s founder, Piero Macari, shares the excitement: “We’re making online shopping more inclusive. It doesn’t matter what your payment preference is; now everyone can enjoy the perks of buying online!”

Bridging the Gap for Shoppers

Many people still rely on cash – they find it’s a good way to keep control of their spending. But shopping online usually requires a bank card or digital wallet. Kasssh is here to make everyone’s life easier, allowing cash payments for online buys. It’s all about including more people in e-commerce, especially the millions who use cash as a way to budget, as the RSA’s 2022 Cash Census showed.

How Kasssh Works

It’s as straightforward as one, two, three! Shop online, choose Kasssh at checkout, and you’ll get a barcode. Then, head to any of the 28,000 PayPoint stores, show your barcode, and pay with cash. That’s it! The store lets Kasssh know you’ve paid, and your goods are on the way.

Why People Love Kasssh

From budgeting fans to those who simply love using cash, Kasssh is for everyone. It’s also perfect for people who don’t have a bank account and those who worry about online card fraud. With Kasssh, your bank details stay private.

Piero Macari says, “Kasssh stands out in online retail. We’re not just another payment method; we’re the key to hassle-free, secure shopping for everyone.”


The Difference Kasssh Makes

Remember when people thought cash was going out of style? Not anymore! UK Finance noticed more people have been using cash recently. In fact, the number of cash payments went up 7% in 2022, showing that it’s still a top way to pay.

Kasssh is making sure cash gets the respect it deserves, letting people use it for modern-day online shopping. Now, everyone can take part in the e-commerce fun, regardless of how they like to pay.

It’s not only shoppers who get more out of Kasssh; online stores do as well. By accepting cash payments through Kasssh, stores can welcome more customers. It’s a smart way for them to grow their sales and reach.

Security and Location

Online shopping can sometimes be a worry when it comes to keeping your bank details safe. But Kasssh keeps things secure. Paying with cash means you never have to risk your financial details. It’s a safe, smart way to shop.

With more locations than bank branches and Post Offices put together, finding a place to pay with Kasssh is a breeze. Whether you’re near a supermarket, petrol station, or local newsagent, you can pop in and pay for your online orders in person.

Kasssh Welcomes Everyone

Online shopping is now open to everyone, thanks to Kasssh. It’s a big step forward in making sure all shoppers can enjoy the ease and speed of buying online, with the trust and safety of using cash. For more info, check out Kasssh’s website and see how easy it is to start using cash for your online shopping.