Kizeo Forms, the mobile first digital transformation tool to collect accurate and reliable field data

Kizeo Forms

According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, Great Britain is about to go through its worst economic recession in 300 years, with an annual GDP contraction of more than 10%.

Businesses therefore need to speed up their digital transition in order to be more competitive. Among the most crucial reforms to be carried out is the digitalisation of all paper documents used “on the field” (inventory, quality monitoring, expensereports, field inspections, etc.).

Business professionals are currently losing a lot of time filling them out and sorting them for internal business processes. On average, around 15 hours a week and 30% of their productivity is lost.

Because of these issues, Kizeo Forms decided to revolutionise the market with their digital transformation application, which is accessible, efficient, and easy- to-use without the need for technical knowledge.


Kizeo Forms


Efficiently manage all field interventions

Kizeo Forms is a mobile application that allows you to create personalised digital forms through an online platform.

As a result, all employees have important information available to them, anytime and anywhere, on their smartphones and tablets.