Kooomo launches front-end website editing tool


New tool provides retailers with significant time savings and enables real-time editing

Kooomo has launched the first phase of what will eventually become a fully-fledged Page Building tool on its platform. This was done with the creation of its CMS Content Editing tool. This is a big step for the platform as it will allow merchants to edit their content directly on the front end of their website while also acting as a content management system. This is massively beneficial as a time-saving method and allows a client to edit their website in real-time.

In this scenario, rather than needing to log into the back-end admin panel and locate specific content, eCommerce managers or content editors can just click the text they want to edit while looking at the website. There is then a prompt that will highlight all the editable texts on the front-end. These editable fields usually include the category, the product name, the price, etc.

They will then be brought to a CMS content tab (with which they should already be familiar) to make the necessary changes which are applied immediately upon clicking save.

Speaking on the launch, Ciaran Bollard, CEO at Kooomo said the team is continuously working towards simplifying eCommerce for their clients: “It’s been a time of massive change for many retailers – those who were wary of moving online have had to make a swift U-turn in that direction. We think it’s our duty to take the daunting tasks out of technology and open up eCommerce to everyone, no matter how experienced they are with it. The creation of our front-end CMS editor should not only save time for merchants but provide a simple straightforward route when they wish to make small but necessary changes on their site.”

This is an exciting step towards a fully-fledged Page Builder, which will aim to allow merchants to not only edit the text on their site, but play with the order of modular content (edit text boxes, images, and videos). This provides more options for front end editing and makes the lives of our merchants and brands easier.

The front-end Content Editor is available to Kooomo clients for immediate implementation on their request.