Last Chance to Apply to Tech Accelerator BetaDen’s Cohort 3.0 – An Opportunity valued at £50,000 per founder


BetaDen is offering Cohort 3.0, an exclusive and unique package of business support, worth over £50,000 that will be awarded to between eight to ten MVP-ready entrepreneurs or companies. The flexible three-day a week programme, lasting nine-months will include free space at BetaDen’s hub at Malvern Hills Science Park, investment coaching, marketing to tech industry supply chains, proof of concept of funding, subject expert mentors and business networking to offer emerging technology companies a defined route to market. 

Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of BetaDen shares with our readers the unique benefits of a commercially focused tech accelerator, what an ideal applicant would look like, and explains a step-by-step guide on the progression you can expect at BetaDen. 


What is the difference between a technology incubator and a technology accelerator? 


The main difference is that whilst incubators aid the creation of ideas for a product or service, they are focused on innovation, as opposed to being focused on scaling the business. This is where accelerators come in, they are for companies that are either already minimal viable product (MVP) ready or they have existing products or services that need to be positioned to create a route to market. This accelerator offers a three-stage framework to offer dedicated assistance from experts. BetaDen cohort founders are taken initial application all the way to being ready to launch. 

Another key difference is the duration of the programs. Incubators usually operate an open-ended timeframe as they are supporting early stage development for startups. Accelerators differentiate with set timeframes and clear attainable goals. Our Cohort 3.0 programme runs for nine-months and offers a flexible three stage process, framing, proof of concept and route to market. 


What makes companies ready to join BetaDen’s Cohort 3.0? 


Besides being MVP ready, there are key questions that you need to ask yourself before joining an accelerator such as BetaDen:

  • Do you already have a clear profile of users for your product or service? 
  • Does your concept need support in developing your sales channel further? 
  • Are you ready to be based in BetaDen for three days a week to maximise this opportunity? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above,you are ready to join an accelerator! 


Can you tell us more about BetaDen? 


BetaDen is dedicated to supporting next-generation technologies. The types of technology can be from a broad spectrum of emerging applications, including: security technologies (security by design), IoT, AI, blockchain applications, edge computing solutions and health sector assistive technology. Essentially, we are a business programme with strong industry links and a revolutionary platform for businesses to transform their technology and position for the future demands of industry supply chains. 

Cohort 3.0 will be the third cycle of our successful programme, and we want to see applications come in from a vast array of technology developers who could optimise this opportunity. For Cohort 3.0 we are looking to accelerate companies that are either already established, have been running for at least three-to-six months and seek routes to market or investment readiness. BetaDen is also open to companies with ideas that need ‘Proof of Concept’ funding and mentoring to rapidly form the MVP.  Previous cohort members have achieved significant traction to date with the support of BetaDen which includes global patent registration, successful MVP launches and industry pilot partnering and investment. 


What process can companies looking to apply to BetaDen’s Cohort 3.0 expect? 


With recruitment ending in less than a week, candidates can seize this opportunity with a simple application process, which can be found here. Interviews to selection will then take place, with eight to ten successful candidates being offered places to start in mid-May 2020.  

The programme concludes in November with an industry pitch showcase to our strong network portfolio of investors, stakeholders and partners where you can demonstrate the progress and market readiness you have developed across nine-months. 

Do you want to know what life as a cohort member is like? Find out in this short video

To apply, visit or contact the team on 01905 672700