Launch of SIM Free Mobile Phone Numbers

SIM free mobile phone number service launched for business to maintain privacy for entrepreneurs.

The Elusive Work Life Balance

The term work-life balance is frequently bandied around, with many entrepreneurs and employees looking to disconnect from work during their “off” hours. Unfortunately, for many, this is an impossible dream.

Although some companies can afford the luxury of a separate work and private phone number, the waters often get muddied and it is easy to end up using one number out of convenience. All of this makes it less and less possible to disconnect properly and separate work from home life.

SIM Free Mobile Phone Number has launched a SIM free mobile phone number service that gives you all the benefits of a mobile phone number, but entirely in the cloud.

The 2ndNumber service has a regular mobile phone number at its heart, but that’s where any similarities end. Text messages can be sent and received via an online dashboard and on any device, such as a computer or tablet. Phone calls can be made and received via the Web Phone.


Protecting Your Privacy


The service is a boon for entrepreneurs and start-ups that don’t want to give out their personal number to potential business leads and customers. It also allows cash strapped individuals to have a second number, since a virtual number costs a fraction of what mobile operators charge. Conveniently, the service operates with just a Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the world.

Stuart Spice, Founder of 2ndNumber says: “Keeping your private number private is critical to keep your personal life separate from your work life. Not least with WhatsApp, where your 2ndNumber can be used to create a business-only WhatsApp account easily.”

Stuart adds: “With the impulse towards digital communication since Covid, advertising a mobile number is key. Potential customers prefer to text and WhatsApp when making initial enquiries into your business. It’s invaluable to have a business mobile number these days, and 2ndNumber makes it affordable and flexible.”

2ndNumber virtual phone numbers cost just £1.69 per month, including bundled minutes and texts. Both UK and USA numbers are available to choose from.