LawTech Startup amicable Win High Court Judgment

A recent High Court judgement has validated the rights of LawTech start-up, amicable to help divorcing and separating couples legalise their financial settlement, together, without using two separate lawyers. Many people assume you need a lawyer to sort out your financial separation if you divorce or separate. You don’t. amicable is a divorce services company that offers a tech-based, lawyer free alternative for divorcing and separating couples.

amicable is disrupting the family law sector with a new approach that focuses on working with couples not individuals (something lawyers traditionally have not been able to do.) Family law judges took issue with amicable’s approach and complained about amicable’s right to help separating couples. This culminated in a High Court Judgement with one of Britain’s most senior High Court Judges.

On Monday 20th January 2020, the judgement was handed down in the High Court and gave amicable the seal of approval to continue to help separating and divorcing couples to agree and legalise their financial separation. The judgement, by Mr Justice Mostyn, validated the legitimacy of amicable’s business model and highlighted that it won’t be long until artificial intelligence intervened in the legal process of divorcing and separating.

amicable uses a combination of automation, off the shelf and bespoke technology as well as AI to handle elements of the divorce and separation process. This allows our experts to focus on helping couples to navigate the emotional journey of parting ways. amicable fuses technology and psychology to create a delivery model that celebrates the human and the machine and doesn’t promote one at the expense of the other.

The benefits of amicable’s approach to divorce and separation is:

  • Much lower costs compared to the traditional lawyer-led approach. amicable is more than five times cheaper than using a lawyer to sort finances and get divorced. All services are fixed-priced, inclusive of VAT and payments can be spread across three months (interest free)
  • Access to justice. More people can access the affordable support and tools that help them to get them navigate the emotional and legal processes of divorcing, splitting finances and transitioning from parents to co-parents
  • Couple led approach reduces the chances of acrimony and allows couples to focus on what’s fair rather than what their entitled to

amicable’s Co-founder Kate Daly, who set up amicable after her own acrimonious and expensive divorce said: “We’re delighted with the judgement. In recent years people have moved away from dramatic and expensive court room battles and towards a kinder, joint approach that matches the wants and needs of many separating couples. This judgement highlights that amicable provides a much-needed credible alternative to traditional adversarial services, and that couples can work together, with us, to sort their financial split out amicably rather than fighting through lawyers where they are not needed”.

Mr Justice Mostyn said; “There can be no doubt that the initiative of amicable has greatly improved access to justice for many people effectively disenfranchised from the legal process by the near total withdrawal of legal aid from private family law proceedings on 1 April 2013”.

amicable, recently ranked the 4th most disruptive company in the UK, was set up by two non-lawyers, Kate Daly & Pip Wilson in response to rising public demand for a divorce and separation service that prioritised children, mental wellbeing, steered clear of acrimonious legal battles and didn’t cost the earth. The judgement made clear that amicable’s award-winning service not only provided a clear social benefit but highlighted the important role amicable plays in improving access to justice and innovation within the family law sector since the removal of legal aid.