Leading the Charge: REPT Battero Sets Sights on Global Market With New Wending Cells

At InterSolar Europe 2024, REPT Battero showcased its aspiring global expansion strategy. As one of the leading producers of energy storage battery systems, REPT Battero is committed to scaling its operations and reinforcing its presence in the global market. Here’s an in-depth look at their market expansion plans and strategic vision. 

REPT Battero’s vision is firmly rooted in scaling production to meet the growing global demand for energy storage solutions. By 2025, the company aims to achieve an annual production capacity exceeding 150 GWh. This ambitious goal is a key part of their strategy to become a dominant player in the energy storage market. Plans are underway to expand their existing production facilities and establish new ones in strategic locations globally. This expansion will enable REPT Battero to cater to a broader market and meet the rising demand for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions.

By 2027, REPT Battero aims to reach a market scale of 100 billion RMB. This growth will be driven by continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to sustainability. The company’s roadmap includes investing in advanced manufacturing technologies and expanding their R&D capabilities to maintain a competitive edge.


Participation in InterSolar 2024


At Intersolar Europe 2024, REPT Battero’s presence was marked by new introductions in their cutting-edge Wending Cells and a comprehensive display of their sustainability initiatives.

The new 320Ah, 345Ah, and 587Ah Wending Cells were the highlights of their exhibit. These state-of-the-art energy storage solutions showcased significant advancements in energy density, longevity, and safety. Visitors at the event were able to see firsthand how these cells can be applied in various sectors, from residential energy storage to large-scale industrial applications.

“By integrating Wending technology and lithium slow-release technology, future applications of this battery, according to our plan, can increase the capacity of the same-sized DC container from 5 MWh to 6.25 MWh. Additionally, we have another design plan that can further enhance the same battery and module to directly achieve 7.03 MWh.” Dr Si Liu said. Dr Liu is the General Manager of Energy Storage Division of REPT Battero.

Dr. Liu also mentioned that their products have successfully completed TÜV Rheinland certification, meeting both European and American standards. This accomplishment places REPT Battero among the top three Chinese manufacturers, with a comprehensive offering from battery cells to fully integrated storage systems.

Future Prospects


Looking ahead, REPT Battero is poised for continued growth and expansion. The company’s strategic focus on scaling production capacity, fostering innovative partnerships, and committing to sustainability will drive their success in the global market.

Continued investment in R&D will ensure that REPT Battero remains at the forefront of technological advancements in energy storage. Future product innovations will be geared towards enhancing performance, reducing costs, and improving sustainability. Expanding their presence in key international markets will be a priority.

Establishing new production facilities and R&D centers in North America and Europe will support this growth and enable REPT Battero to better serve their global customers. Commitment to sustainability will remain a core pillar of REPT Battero’s strategy. Initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, and promote eco-friendly practices will continue to be integral to their operations.

Dr. Xuejun Bai, Project Director of REPT Battero, announced the company’s plans for extensive business collaborations across various European countries, particularly in the industrial and power storage sectors. Dr. Bai highlighted REPT Battero’s strategic initiative to commence the gradual establishment of local factories in Europe starting in 2026.

This expansion underscores REPT Battero’s commitment to enhancing its footprint in the European market and providing advanced energy storage solutions tailored to the needs of the region.

REPT Battero’s participation in Intersolar 2024 marked a significant milestone in their journey towards global leadership in the energy storage industry. With this clear vision, robust strategy, and strong partnerships, REPT Battero is well-positioned to drive the future of sustainable energy solutions.