Learning Languages In The Skies: Duolingo Takes Flight With Duolingo Air

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, technically it’s both – as the world’s number one education app, Duolingo, takes to the skies with the launch of its own airline.

On-board boredom is set to become a thing of the past, as Duolingo’s latest venture aims to help passengers maximise their in-flight productivity.

The company will reimagine the future of flight by immersing travellers in the language of their destination. In-flight Duolingo Plus will be offered free to all passengers, ensuring they’re equipped with key words and phrases for the country they’re flying to.

Duolingo Air’s inaugural flight (DUOL-1422) will take to the skies later this month travelling from London Stansted to Dublin to celebrate the news that 7 million people have started learning Irish since the course launched on Duolingo in 2014.

Once aboard, passengers will be guided through the language of their destination by Duolingo Air’s cabin crew and encouraged to use their time to pick up the basics of the Irish course before immersing themselves in the rich culture of the emerald isle.

Travellers who step aboard Duolingo’s signature green aircraft can expect to travel in ultimate comfort, as the planes have been designed with plush green seats, owl shaped head rests that rotate 270 degrees, high definition headphones that heighten audio understanding, and 4K touch screens for truly immersive learning.

Colin Watkins, UK and Ireland Country Manager at Duolingo said: “Lots of us head off on holiday without knowing the local language, but we know travel is a key motivator for learning, so taking language learning to the skies felt like a natural step for Duolingo. We’re excited to move into the aviation sector – there’ll be no winging it when you fly with us!”

Tickets for Duolingo Air’s first flight will go on sale from tomorrow (April 2nd 2022) – or will they?