Liverpool FC Rising Star, Harvey Elliott, Announced As Playermaker’s Brand Ambassador

Harvey Elliott Playermaker

 Elliott joins the Playermaker team as an ambassador for the company’s foot-mounted skills tracker – having used Playermaker’s technology throughout his academy and professional career


Playermaker, the first-of-its-kind foot-mounted tracking technology, announced recently that it has signed 18-year-old rising star, Harvey Elliott, as an ambassador for the brand. 

Elliott, widely regarded as one of the most exciting young talents in world football, has partnered with Playermaker to promote the company’s innovative technology as part of its journey to revolutionise the way that athletes at all levels develop their skills by providing next-level data into their performance.


Playermaker Product


Playermaker, which aims to provide athletes – from amateurs to elite professionals – with the insights and inspiration they need to succeed, is partnering with Elliott to encourage athletes to better understand their game in order to inform decision making and maximise their skills. The technology transforms any shoe into a connected solution and has already been tested and proven by more than 200 of the top elite academies and teams globally.

As a highly dedicated and intelligent young player – both on and off the field – Elliott is years ahead of his time, recognising the role technology can play in helping to develop athletes at all levels and has been using Playermaker throughout his journey from academy player to first-team regular

“My relationship with Playermaker started back in my Academy days and I’ve always been a huge fan of the product and the brand,” said Harvey Elliott. “As a young player, you always want to improve and get better, and Playermaker made that tangible for me – it shows you your progress over time, laid out in the app, and it’s really motivating. Playermaker makes a huge difference to all areas of on-pitch development, as well as assisting with gaining key insights and measurements during injury rehabilitation. I am proud to become an ambassador for the brand.”

Playermaker’s technology uses two small smart sensors that fit into durable silicone straps – one for each foot – which are mounted onto each shoe. The technology provides real-time access to personal performance stats and metrics – such as kick velocity, left leg/right leg usage, sprint distance, top speed, and more – to assess performance and progress over time via a mobile application. At the end of each session with the device, the data is uploaded to the cloud and can be quickly and easily accessed through the app. Playermaker enables elite athletes and their coaches, as well as aspiring amateurs, to capture and monitor both physical and technical quantifiable data and insights as they train and play. 


Playermaker Founders
Guy Aharon CEO, Moran Gad CTO & Yuval Odem COO


“We believe that Harvey Elliott embodies excellence in athletics and represents the values of Playermaker. He is an incredible talent, passionate, and committed to his sport but also knows that to be a smart player you need to have as much data as possible at your disposal,” Guy Aharon, Co-Founder and CEO of Playermaker. “Playermaker aims to inspire and motivate young athletes, like Harvey, at all levels by informing, protecting, and empowering them to develop and improve their skills to become the best athletes they can be. Harvey is a pioneer in taking the smart approach to the game and we are proud to collaborate with him to help amplify his voice as an opinion leader changing the game.”