LIVI: the GP video chat service expanding across the UK

Swedish company LIVI is making video consultations a reality in the UK for the NHS.

Created by the Swedish company KRY, LIVI collaborates with GP surgeries in the UK to offer services such as video consultations as well as repeat prescriptions.

LIVI’s founders Johannes Schildt, Fredrik Jung-Abbou, Josefin Landgård, and Joachim Hedenius, were frustrated by the problems that so many people face with the healthcare system, like accessibility and resources. Founded in 2015, the startup set out to provide GP video consultations as a way to standardise the healthcare people were receiving.

Over the last four years, LIVI has expanded to the UK, Norway, France and is moving into Germany. The company has now provided more than one million video consultations, and raised £53 million ($66 million) funding in just the last year.

The NHS is aiming to ensure patients have the right to digital primary care, including web and video consultations by 2021. LIVI works in partnership with GP Federations to provide digital services, making video consultations a reality.

People can video chat on LIVI about over 30 different medical conditions, most common are the conditions you would usually see a GP about – skin rashes, eczema, UTIs, cold and flu, eye inflammation and sore throats.

It’s not just 20-somethings using the service, as 50 per cent of patients are over the age of 40, and around 23 per cent are over the age of 60. Elderly patients and patients with mobility issues who may find it difficult to visit a GP practice in person are finding LIVI a lifeline.

LIVI is also running a trial offering its video GP service in Boots stores, including at Liverpool Street. Patients can use one of the confidential pharmacy consultation room with an in-store tablet to speak to a GP. This means that video consultations will also be available to the less teach savvy.