Local Goober Sleeps in Tent Overnight to Get First Cookie from Matty’s Kitchen

A local Bushey resident has admitted to sleeping in a tent on the night before the opening of Matty’s Kitchen, just to get his hands on the first cookie sold.

Matty’s Kitchen officially opened its doors on Tuesday this week, a designer boutique bakery which has generated huge excitement in the local area.

The bakery started in lockdown, with local baker Matty Caplin starting ‘Matty’s Kitchen’ from his parent’s kitchen. The young man generated a huge following on social media from his giant cookies, tea cakes and brownies – and fans were ready to get a bite of the action.

Local man, Dan Tan, used an old camping tent and waited patiently the night before opening. He camped outside the premises on Bushey High Street, eagerly ceasing his opportunity to be customer number 1 and purchasing a giant lotus and chocolate vegan cookie.

“I am a huge fan of Matty’s and I was desperate to be customer number #1 and have the first cookie.”

“Sure, some people thought it was crazy, and even irresponsible to leave my wife and two small children under 3 to camp overnight outside a local bakery – especially given the close proximity of my house to the actual store, or some argue that maybe I could have just got there a little earlier before it opened. But these people have never really fought for anything before like I have. I also realise the impracticality of sleeping in a tent when I am 6 foot 3.”


“People thought it was strange. Why miss your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah to get a cookie?” 


When asked to comment, Matty said “Its certainly peculiar behaviour.”

“But people like Dan are the reason I do this and I am so grateful to all the customers who supported us during our opening week.”

“Yes” responded Dan. “People think its strange or maybe an outrageous publicity stunt for a brand that actually didn’t need publicity in the first place, but when the queues were out the door and bulging onto the street for 3 days straight, I was sitting there proudly in my tent with my order and now I can say ‘Yes, I got cookie #1′.”


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