What Does Lockdown Easing Mean for Digital Marketing?

As the UK slowly reopens after the lockdown, many businesses are focusing on keeping their staff and customers safe as they return to something that resembles normal. With all this hard work to do preparing to reopen, you might have overlooked your online marketing and digital presence. However, with many individuals still in isolation, and others fearful of a second wave of the Coronavirus, investing in online marketing is more critical now than it has ever been before.

If your business is juggling the reopening of its physical base with online marketing, then read on to find some practical tips and useful ideas.

Consider Offering Online Sales If You Don’t Already

Even if your retail premises is reopening, you should still remember that many individuals will still be stuck indoors. Others will simply want the convenience of being able to order the items they want without leaving their home, so you should consider offering online sales if you don’t already. If your website isn’t up to e-commerce, or it just needs redesigning and optimising, an agency such as Boss Cat Web Design can step in to design the perfect online platform for your organisation. One of the benefits of a service like theirs is that they also offer maintenance services, so if you know you’ll be too busy to kep on top of updating the site, they can do it for you.

Keep Customers Updated

Just because your base is now open, doesn’t mean that anyone will know about it automatically. Customers will be more cautious now, so you’ll need to make sure that they’re aware that your store is open again, and that they understand the measures you’ve put in place to keep them safe from the virus. Use your company’s social media platforms, as well as its blog, to update customers and let them know that you are back open for business.

Digital Communication Will Remain A Priority

The reopening of your office or shop doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers and potential clients will automatically visit. They will be more cautious than previously, so they might be more tempted to reach out via email or social media for information before they visit your base. As such, you need to make sure that your company is continuously monitoring its digital communication channels and responding to enquires. Communicating effectively also means hosting your website and other business platforms on a secure, reliable and stable hosting platform. You can find different comparisons of hosting providers online (check Hosting Foundry for the top UK website hosts).

Continue To Grow Your Business’s Online Reputation

At the end of the day, just because the shops are open again and people are getting out and about, doesn’t mean that you should abandon your online marketing and focus entirely on physical advertising. A strong online presence remains essential for any company that wants to achieve long-term success, so keep growing your firm’s digital reach and SEO even as the high street reopens and customers start leaving their homes.

Be Prepared For Another Lockdown

With the future so uncertain, and no vaccine or cure yet available for the virus, there is a possibility that new lockdowns might be put in place. The UK Government has even indicated that it might impose local lockdowns on areas of the country that experience a sharp increase in Coronavirus cases. As such, you need to make sure that you continue with your digital marketing strategy and are prepared for whatever happens over the coming months.