Logitech Partners With Calm for Tech Wellbeing Initiative

Logitech Forges Tech Wellbeing Partnership With Calm, the  #1 App for Meditation, Sleep and Relaxation.

Logitech Partners with Calm

Today, Logitech Europe announces its partnership with Calm, by inviting the remote-first world to harmonise their physical and mental wellbeing through the use of ergonomic computer tools and a complimentary Calm Premium subscription.

The remote working world can now find the tools to prioritise their wellbeing throughout the workday after months of adapting their workspaces and routines to accommodate the “new normal”. Logitech Europe, the leading technology product company, partners with, Calm, the leading mental wellness brand with the #1 App for Meditation, Sleep and Relaxation ™,  to help workers find the tools they need to restrike the balance, and increase their mental and physical happiness and wellbeing so that they can do better in their work and beyond.

The partnership offers customers purchasing tools from the Logitech Ergo Series the opportunity to pair the support and comfort delivered through Logitech’s ergonomic tools with a 3-month complimentary Calm Premium subscription. With the subscription, customers will have access to Calm’s full library, including meditations, Sleep Stories™, breathing exercises, and body and audio content.. Participating markets include: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland.

Shift To Remote Workforce

Across the world, the events of the global pandemic have fast-forwarded a shift towards a remote-first workplace – a paradoxical move that has both a liberation and a limitation for millions. While employees have benefitted from an increase in flexibility and autonomy in their work and life, they have been forced to compromise elements of their mental and physical health as life’s boundaries are erased, symptoms of distraction and burnout increase, and adapting to unsuitable and unhealthy workspaces becomes a necessity. The Logitech and Calm partnership aims to improve this by enabling people to take control and put their wellbeing first so they can realise the positive potential of a future remote-first world that’s shaped around them.

Nichole Izzo, Marketing Manager, Logitech EMEA says “We’re extremely proud and excited to be partnering with the team at Calm, combining our expertise in digital wellness to make steps towards realising our shared mission of creating a happier and healthier world where people have the tools and support they need to achieve their potential. As we move further towards a remote first world, we’re excited to discover the possibilities that more freedom and autonomy will bring people both in and outside of work, and we look forward to providing the support that’s needed to help them as they strive for them.”