London-Based Digital Company Urge Magento Upgrade to Avoid Risk Breaches

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ITQ Digital is urging businesses to transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as a priority, at the risk of exposing themselves to security breaches and fines. Recognising the impact of Covid-19, ITQ is offering a free three-month support package and a  generous stage payment plan for website projects with the final stage payment only due in 2021. 

Magento 1, a popular platform choice for many businesses, reached end of life on 30th June but due to the current pandemic aftermath, some may be avoiding this crucial upgrade, at the risk of being extremely exposed. 


Businesses are exposing themselves to two main risks:

  1. The card payment providers will enforce the PCI DSS global standards that apply to all merchants that process payments and in so doing will advise the merchant that their store may no longer accept payments by card, effectively closing the online store
  2. The online store is hacked and the card payment providers order the merchant to undergo a full cybersecurity investigation costing several thousand pounds at the conclusion of which fines are issued to the merchant based on the number of cards that are subject to the security breach

Sarkis Salleh, Managing Director of ITQ Digital explains, “We completely understand why businesses have pressed pause. We want to support them to mitigate their cybersecurity risk by assisting with the cash flow demands of their Magento 1 upgrade projects.

ITQ Digital are all set to talk to any businesses considering the following types of projects:

  •   Preparing for a digital future to get ahead of the competition
  •   Migration to or from Magento, Shopify,WooCommerce or another e Commerce platform
  •   Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  •   Getting help with bug fixes, extension installations and other web site improvements

To speak to someone from ITQ Digital, contact [email protected]