Mayor of London plans for the furture of electric vehicles


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, recently outlined his plans for a major expansion of London’s electric vehicle-charging network. He hopes these plans will keep the capital one of the world’s leading zero-emission cities.

The Mayor has married the public and private sector to deliver the electric vehicle infrastructure Londoners needs. London businesses and retailers have committed to transform EV charging provision across the city over the coming years. The Mayors plans will help tackle the pressing dangers of London’s toxic air crisis and the climate change emergency.

Sadiq declared: “We need to reject the fossil fuels of the past and embrace an electric revolution in London’s transport.”

This new plan for London comes after the Mayor’s establishment of the world’s first Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce, including representatives from business, energy, infrastructure, government and the London boroughs.

Today, London represents the forefront of the zero-emission revolution. The capital is home to more than 20,000 electric vehicles, 1,700 electric taxis and the largest electric bus fleet in Europe. Recently TfL successfully rollout of over 175 rapid charge points across the city (delivering a full charge in 20 – 30 minutes).

Alongside these changes, the city has rolled out of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, enforcing strict new emission standards in central London. Such standards will help drive companies to electrify their fleets.

London’s charging points are currently in line with demand; however the new plan looks at how London can deliver the next 5 years of charging points with less public subsidy.

If the Mayor is to realise his dream and make London a zero-emission city, making it easier for Londoners to switch from diesel to electric cars is key. Supported by the taskforce, the Mayor’s new plan will help London to reduce its toxic traffic emissions.

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