LSE Joins Hedera Governing Council to Advance Blockchain Research for Social Good

Hedera Hashgraph

The London School of Economics and Political Science will join the Hedera Governing Council to help advance its Blockchain / DLT Centre, with a specific emphasis on supporting sustainable and social impact projects.


Hedera Hashgraph, the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralised economy, today announced that the London School of Economics and Political Science (“LSE”), has joined the Hedera Governing Council. The Council, designed to be the most decentralised governance model for a public ledger, comprises up to 39 global organisations from a diverse array of industries and geographies, and runs the initial network nodes.

LSE joins the Hedera Governing Council to advance the university’s Blockchain/DLT centre in providing opportunities for students and faculty related to hackathons, thought leadership, and research opportunities aimed at adding to the body of knowledge around distributed ledger technologies. LSE will become the second Hedera Council member from the higher education sector, after London peer UCL joined the organisation in May 2020.


Carsten Sorensen, Co-director of LSE Blockchain / DLT Centre, said:

“Upholding our responsibilities for pioneering academic research, we quickly recognised the enormous opportunities public and private blockchain can play in future digital transformation. Joining the Hedera Governing Council provides a significant step forward in extending our research collaboration and knowledge sharing of digital transformation. In doing so, we aim to significantly extend our research footprint in understanding how DLT and blockchains can play a positive impact on society in pioneering digital sustainable projects.”

The team leading the LSE Blockchain / DLT centre are recognised as being at the forefront of academic and thought leadership on digital platforms and Web 3.0. The team has first-hand experience in collaborating with central banks, regulators and industry practitioners in advancing and bridging the gap between research, innovation and application of DLTs, and will run a Hedera network node alongside other council members.

For Hedera, LSE’s inclusion on the Governing Council will provide it with an extensive network of academics and industry partners to collaborate with who are at the forefront of thought leadership on digital platforms and web 3.0. In addition, by collaborating with the team leading the LSE Blockchain / DLT Centre, Hedera and its partners will be able to gain critical expertise in areas such as Treasury and Coin Economics Committee (CoinCom).


Hedera Hashgraph


Mance Harmon, CEO and Co-founder of Hedera, commented:

“As a world renowned, top-ranked academic institution, LSE’s inclusion on the Hedera Governing Council is a fantastic development for our community, and the entire decentralised economy. LSE’s motto is the ‘betterment of society’ and this ethos will transcend to aiding a greater understanding of future digital transformation, aided by public distributed ledgers. The team at the LSE Blockchain / DLT Centres have built up an outstanding reputation in advancing the research sharing capabilities of the industry, which we recognise as a significantly important addition to the Hedera Governing Council.”