Ludo, the Creativity Toolkit for Game Developers Launches New ‘Image Generator’ Feature

Ludo, the AI-powered creativity platform for game developers, has announced the beta launch of its latest tool, the Image Generator. Ludo’s free revolutionary toolkit supports game developers and studios by providing everything needed to research and ideate a new game. The Image Generator uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and state of the art machine learning to provide anyone making a new game with inspiration for icons and artwork.

Images are a crucial component of any successful game, with developers constantly striving for new ideas. Ludo’s Image Generator provides developers with the opportunity to be inspired, by simply inputting search parameters. The new feature uses highly advanced machine learning to scan millions of gaming images. This allows it to generate images based on keyword or game title searches, making it a truly unique tool for game developers worldwide. Moreover, the generator is still learning and will continue to grow and advance, getting more intuitive as more users try it out. The beta for the new Image Generator is out now and available to try for free at

Tom Pigott, CEO and Founder of Ludo says: “The games industry continues to thrive worldwide, and more and more people are excited to try their hands at creating games. With the game development market growing exponentially, and Ludo’s wide array of tools becoming more accessible than ever before, the possibilities are endless. The Image Generator is the newest addition to Ludo’s productivity toolkit. It allows users to tap into their creative side and generate their own content, drawing inspiration from the platform’s vast database of gaming images and artwork. With this latest unique feature, Ludo remains the only platform game developers need to access all the tools they need, in one place, for free.”



The Image Generator is an invaluable addition to Ludo’s toolkit for game developers. Ludo is already home to a number of tools that use state of the art machine learning and natural language processing to help anyone looking for inspiration for their next game. These include Daily Trends, Top Charts, and the unique Game Ideator, which allows users to generate multiple written game concepts, artwork and images by setting parameters based on keywords, game mechanics, or imagery, before analysing its growing database of 1.2 million games and over four million images.

Other improvements include ‘Instant Feeling Lucky Generations’, which sees the Game Ideator generate inspiration at random without any inputs, and improved trends topics, making the trends topics on the platform more coherent, with less duplication between them. Following the introduction of a new free credit system, Ludo’s platform and the tools within it are now accessible to all, with paid tiers available to help businesses to expand the toolset and its functionality.

2022 is set to be another big year for gaming. There are currently over 3.2 billion gamers worldwide, and the video game and eSports industries have grown by 14.4% since 2020. Ludo is the go-to platform for developers and studios in their search for inspiration for their next successful game, offering developers everything they need when working on their latest project.

Head to Ludo now to try out the beta for the brand new Image Generator, and help the platform continue to learn. A complete creativity toolkit, Ludo already contains Slack integration, GDD collaboration features, and a vast unique data centre designed to keep developers up to speed on the latest gaming trends worldwide.

Start creating now with Ludo, the game developer’s best friend.