Maalo Jewellery Launches Renew Studio to Help Make Jewellery More Circular

Maalo is a slow-fashion jewellery brand founded by Mexican designer Montserrat A. Alonso in 2020. Born from the desire to create timeless, wearable jewellery for every occasion whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. Their designs balance a contemporary aesthetic with influences from the natural world, women, and Mexican culture.

All of their pieces are designed in London by the founder and then handmade by herself or a small team of artisans in her hometown in Mexico using recycled and recyclable materials that are ethically sourced.

Maalo’s core belief is to ensure all their jewellery is made to last forever with a minimal impact on our planet. However, they want to go further.

On February 21st, Maalo announced a new initiative on their social media: Renew Studio. A new service that will give a second life to your old silver and gold treasures, as well as repair your Maalo Jewellery when needed.



Maalo knows circularity is the best way forward, and the beauty of owning precious raw materials means that they will always hold their value while also being entirely recyclable. Upgrading or repairing pieces you already own will have a positive impact on the environment, as it will help avoid waste caused by the ‘seasonality’ of fashion and reduce the mining of new metals from our planet.

‘It’s important for me to create pieces that are wearable, but I also want customers to feel they’re wearing something unique, which is why I also provide bespoke and renewal services. With Renew Studio, we’ll repair, elevate, or transform old jewels into new pieces with new meaning, while keeping the essence of their past lives.’ – Mon, Maalo’s founder.

If you’re ready to ‘pimp your jewels’, visit the Renew Studio section on Maalo’s website to book a consultation. They’ll share some ideas and quotes during your call. It’s time to make jewellery more circular!