Maria Cho: One Of The Top Speakers at Biotech Showcase’s 17th Annual Edition

Triplebar CEO Maria Cho is scheduled to speak at the 17th annual edition of the Biotech Showcase: The Investor Conference for Innovators that takes place in this Bay Area city from January 8-10.

Biotech Showcase is a top global investor conference designed to provide private and micro-mid-cap biotechnology companies with the opportunity to present to and connect with investors and biopharmaceutical executives. The event attracts investors wielding hundreds of billions of dollars in capital.

Cho will unveil Triplebar’s recently completed $21M Series A funding round to expand its portfolio in foods and pharmaceuticals, including Antibody Discovery, which leads to enhanced therapeutics solutions with early commercial access.

The prominent Triplebar CEO said she is also excited to be partnered with Howard L. Levine on her Board of Directors, a biologics veteran with over four decades of experience and an industry pioneer and thought leader. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and completed a Harvard University post-doctoral fellowship.

“We are very pleased to announce Howard as our newest member of the company’s board. With his expertise, knowledge and vast professional trajectory, the company is even better positioned to make a huge impact in our industry,” Cho said.

Cho will privilege over 3,500 attendees representing over 2,300 firms from 35 countries with a presentation that explains how and why Triplebar is flipping on its head the approach to antibody discovery using her company’s platform to scan antibody libraries of diversity directly for an antibody’s function.

Triplebar has a Hyper-Throughput™ screening platform that acts as a “microprocessor for biology,” integrating hardware, software, biology, and biochemistry to miniaturise and accelerate evolution. Triplebar discovers novel therapeutic biologic drug candidates for addressing major human health challenges.

Triplebar’s microprocessor for biology accesses and assesses 10,000 times more biological samples than any other platform worldwide. Its platform uses the power of evolution at hyperspeed to test and screen tens of millions of molecules and measure the effect of billions of mutations daily, speeding up the discovery of solutions to our carbon crisis and diseases.