Meet Today’s Young Trailblazers: Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 16

What comes to mind when thinking of the Gen Z or Gen Alpha generation? Today’s youth are often labelled as lazy, entitled, and passive, a stereotype that has likely come about thanks to youngsters’ inclination to obsess over mobile phones and social media.

But a closer examination reveals a different story.

Even a brief look at the achievements of some of the young trailblazers of today and this reputation seems to fly right out of the window. Especially among those under 16, these individuals serve as shining examples that entrepreneurship knows no age limits.


Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 16


1. Kasper Alexander


Kasper Alexander


At just 10 years old, a primary school student has recently initiated his entrepreneurial path by launching his inaugural business venture.

After feeling impatient to receive a VR headset for his birthday after his father said he must wait or earn the money needed himself, Kasper Alexander devised a creative solution: crafting art from disassembled game controllers, as per a BBC report.

Not only did Kasper launch the initiative to fulfil his desire for a VR headset, but also his aspiration to support his parents in retiring early.


2. Hilary Yip




Hilary Yip, CEO of MinorMynas, launched her venture in 2016 and has been impressing the world with her innovative spirit ever since.

MinorMynas aims to build a global kids community on the safest online platform possible – an idea that received the 1st Prize and Best Business Award at the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur challenge in Hong Kong, jumpstarting her entrepreneurship journey.

Since then, Hillary has shared her entrepreneurial journey at TEDx, various universities, government events, international conferences, and even events organised by HSBC, Microsoft and Apple.


3. Kamaria Warren


Kamaria Warren


After struggling to find black dolls for Kamaria’s Barbie-themed birthday party, her mother scoured major supermarkets and online stores in vain. Undeterred, she enlisted an illustrator to craft a custom character for Kamaria.

After loving the character so much, Kamaria pushed for her mother to sell the designs. With a $100 investment, Kamaria embarked on the journey of building the business, learning to procure equipment, managing finances, and more.

The outcome? Brown Girls’ Stationery, an e-commerce platform powered by Shopify. This dynamic mother-daughter team tirelessly works to uplift brown girls everywhere.


4. Lucy Berkovi


Lucy Berkovi


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Lucy, like countless others, found herself with idle hands. However, unlike many, Lucy seized the opportunity presented by the surplus of time.

At just 11 years old, she launched a slime-selling enterprise on platforms such as Etsy and TikTok. Rapidly expanding her venture, Lucy established her own website, Lulu Bee Slimes, where she showcases and sells an array of slime varieties. What began as a simple idea has blossomed into a thriving business.


5. Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa


Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa


Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa, both passionate readers, embarked on their literary journey by participating in the BBC Young Writers competition. Despite not winning, the sisters kindled their passion and launched a book review show on YouTube.

Their enthusiasm led them to pen middle-grade novels, which they self-published in April 2020 through a triumphant Kickstarter campaign. This endeavour granted them invaluable insight into collaborating with editors, cover designers, and illustrators.

Today, the sisters not only boast published books available on Amazon and their own website but have also introduced a book subscription box named Happier Every Chapter. Catering to 8-14-year-olds, this aligns with their mission to promote literacy and diversity in middle-grade literacy.



6. Imogen Webber and Annie Barrett


imogen annie


Once more defying pandemic-induced boredom, Imogen Webber and Annie Barrett, school friends, opted for entrepreneurial pursuits rather than idleness.

Today, Imogen and Annie are running their confectionery business Sweets Supreme, selling to people living in Manchester and further afield.

Leveraging the power of social media, particularly Instagram, Imogen and Annie effectively promote their business, showcasing how adeptness with digital platforms can fuel youthful entrepreneurship.


7. Lily Born


Lily Born


At just 8 years old, Lily observed her grandpa’s struggles with Parkinson’s Disease, particularly with knocking over his cup and causing spills for her grandma to clean up. Motivated by this, she conceived the idea of Kangaroo Cups: a cup with three legs to prevent tipping.

Following years of prototyping, Lily’s invention gained recognition, earning a showcase at the White House Science Fair. Her remarkable journey has garnered attention from esteemed publications such as Business Insider, CNN, and the Daily Mail.

Lily’s transformation from a once-shy individual to a beacon of achievement, driven by a desire to assist others in need, serves as an inspiring example of making meaningful contributions close to home.


8. Mia Monzidelis


Mia Monzidelis


As the youngest on this, Mia’s accomplishment shines brightly. At just 5 years old and already captivated by horses, Mia conceived an ingenious solution: Pony Power, a virtual horse she could ride anytime.

Pony Power is seamlessly integrated with iOS, offering a fully interactive experience that ensures joy for those eager to ride but lack immediate access to a horse.


9. Michael Wren


Michael Wren


Michael, ‘Mikey’, Wren, is a 14-year-old with an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 8, he started Mikey’s Munchies Vending, after which he took his passion even further and wrote the best-selling children’s books “Mikey Learns about Business” as well as “Biz Is a Wiz”, aimed at aiding early readers in understanding business concepts.

Beyond his literary achievements, Mikey is a leader in his community. He actively volunteers, organises toy drives, and has generously distributed over $10,000 worth of new clothing to local youth in his community.

Mikey’s remarkable contributions have led to prestigious roles such as a YBK Day Ambassador, KidBox Board of Directors member, and recognition as a 2022 Disney


10. Vinusha MK


Vinusha MK


Vinusha’s startup, ‘Four Seasons Pastry’, has an interesting journey. Initially met with rejection from various baking internships, Vinusha persevered until her talent and dedication were acknowledged, securing a position at a prestigious four-star hotel in Chennai.

Driven by her unwavering passion, Vinusha launched Four Seasons Pastry to elevate her culinary pursuits, selling thousands of cupcakes and other treats. The success of her startup led Vinusha into the spotlight, where she now leads food tech lectures at universities.

Despite facing initial setbacks in the baking realm, Vinusha stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of nurturing one’s passions.