Memrise Launches Immerse Feature For More Effective Language Learning


As we all continue to find ways to fill our time during lockdown, with many choosing to learn something new, language learning app Memrise has launched Immerse, a full-screen video stream of snackable language content. Through the immersion method, users can submerge themselves in real-world language spoken by native speakers, serving to build real understanding of culture and context, as well as effective and useful language learning.

Memrise’s Immerse feature offers short and snappy videos, full of life and emotion, to help users learn languages with the help of authentic gestures and actions from locals, helping to build human connection and understanding of local cultures and nuances across the globe to combat physical distancing, loneliness and misunderstanding. Unlike other traditional language learning methods, whether through other apps or within the classroom, immersion introduces you to language as it exists in the real world: with real-world speed, vocabulary, idioms, accents and personality.

With summer holidays and foreign travel currently on hold, users can bring the cultures of countries such as Spain, Italy, France into their homes, helping them prepare for their first post-lockdown holiday. The most popular languages being learned in the UK are Spanish (EU), French, German, Italian and Japanese, with Spanish and French accounting for 70%.

In the UK, Memrise saw a 71% increase in new user registrations in March, and since lockdown was implemented in the UK, sales have increased >110% as more people turn to language learning, with weekly active users growing by 30%.

The new Immerse feature is available for free on the Memrise app, currently on iOS only.