Meta Faces Legal Action Over “Threads” Name From Small Business Threads Software Limited

Established over a decade ago, Threads Software Limited secured a niche in the business world with its innovative messaging hub. This was not just any messaging platform but a highly sophisticated system that efficiently stored a company’s multiple forms of communication.

From emails to tweets, and even voice-over internet protocol (VOIP) calls, the software showed its prowess in handling data and storing it securely on a cloud-based database. This expertise led to its significant growth, with an impressive annual sales growth of 200%. Almost 1,000 global organisations have since licensed the Threads Software, attesting to its utility and reliability.


Meta’s Introduction of Threads


July 2023 marked a significant month for Meta, with the introduction of their Threads social media platform. This platform wasn’t merely an addition to the crowded world of social media; it was specially designed to challenge Elon Musk’s X, a previously established titan in the digital communication sphere.

With the might of Meta behind it, Threads quickly rose in popularity. Leveraging its connection to Instagram, Threads gained an astounding number of users. Threads got 100 million users in a few days. Still, many left before the month ended. Regardless, with new features introduced and a current user count of 120 million, Threads has shown resilience.


The Conflict Begins


Threads Software Limited’s longstanding ownership of the ‘Threads’ name is at the heart of this dispute. After Meta’s multiple failed attempts to purchase the ‘’ domain, tensions began to mount. Threads Software Limited felt sidelined, especially after the release of Meta’s Threads and the subsequent removal of Threads Software Limited from Facebook.

Dr. John Yardley, Managing Director of Threads Software Ltd, has not minced words regarding the situation. “We are not just another startup. A decade of hard work has gone into establishing Threads. Now, a single decision from a multinational company has placed our entire brand’s reputation in jeopardy. It’s not about money; it’s about principle.”


Legal Implications and the Future


Threads Software Limited’s intentions are clear. If Meta doesn’t reconsider its use of the Threads name, they are ready to step into the courtroom. The upcoming days are crucial, and the decision will not only affect the two companies involved but might also influence international business practices and trademark disputes.

Sarah Roberts, a professor of business ethics at King’s College London, offers an opinion: “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen big companies in a tussle with smaller ones over trademark issues. But given the players involved and the rapid growth of Meta’s Threads, it’s definitely caught everyone’s attention. The outcome here could be a reference point for many such disputes in the future.”

This clash between Threads Software Limited and Meta is more than a mere business dispute. It resonates with many smaller businesses that face similar issues. Standing up to a multinational is daunting, but it’s a testament to the belief that with the right cause, even the seemingly invincible can be challenged. The coming weeks will surely be pivotal, not just for these companies but for the larger business ecosystem, setting the tone for future brand name disputes.