Meta Introduces Parental Control Tools across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger

Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, has recently announced the launch of new parental control tools.

These tools aim to enhance the safety and privacy of teenagers on these platforms while providing parents with greater supervision and control. In this article, we will explore the key features of Meta’s parental control tools and their impact on user experience.

Messenger Supervision Controls

Meta’s new parental control tools begin with the introduction of Messenger supervision controls. Initially rolling out in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, these controls allow guardians to monitor their teens’ privacy and safety settings, changes in their contact lists, and their app usage time.

Additionally, parents will receive notifications when their teens report someone, provided the teen explicitly grants permission for these notifications. Parents can also manage message settings and control who can message and view their teens’ stories. Changes to these settings will trigger notifications for guardians, ensuring enhanced oversight.

Enhancing Safety on Instagram

Instagram has taken several measures over the years to protect teenagers from interacting with unknown adults. In their latest effort, Instagram now requires individuals who are not connected with a particular user to send an invitation for permission to interact. These invitations are limited to text-only and can be sent one at a time. This feature helps ensure that teenagers have greater control over who can reach out to them, creating a safer online environment.


Encouraging Healthy Usage Habits

To promote healthy usage habits, Meta has implemented controls to reduce prolonged usage and encourage breaks. The introduction of “Quiet mode” on Instagram enables users to pause notifications and set auto-replies to inform others that they are taking a break.

Originally launched in select countries, this feature has now been made available globally. Furthermore, Meta is extending the concept of encouraging breaks to Facebook as well. After 20 minutes of continuous usage, users will receive a notification prompting them to take a break. Moreover, Meta will also notify teens watching Reels late at night to close the app, ensuring responsible usage.

Strengthened Supervision and Account Protection

Meta is actively encouraging guardians to supervise teens’ Instagram accounts for added protection. Through a new notice on Instagram, teens are prompted to allow their guardians to supervise their accounts.

This feature grants parents access to view mutual connections, including accounts followed by the teen or those following them. By providing this additional layer of supervision, Meta aims to enhance the safety and well-being of teenage users.


Meta’s introduction of new parental control tools across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger reflects their commitment to prioritising the safety and privacy of teenage users.

With features such as Messenger supervision controls, restricted interactions on Instagram, and reminders for healthy usage habits, Meta is taking significant steps to address concerns related to online safety. By empowering parents with greater oversight and control, these tools aim to foster a safer and more secure social media environment for teenagers.