Meta’s Threads Users Report A Drain on Phone Batteries After Using The App

Just a week after Meta’s launch of their new app, Threads, users are reporting a severe problem that’s causing them to delete the app from their smartphones. With over 70 million downloads in its first week, Threads was initially hailed as a serious rival to Twitter. Yet, the surge of reports concerning the app’s voracious consumption of battery life is raising eyebrows among its rapidly growing user base.

Threads, as a new microblogging app that capitalises on the popularity of Instagram allows users to follow their favourite Instagram accounts and engage in Twitter-style discussions. The drain on phone batteries, though, even when the app isn’t in active use, has left users rightfully frustrated and confused.

Users’ Dismay over Battery Drain Issues

While the first wave of users was keen to explore the new offering from Meta, this excitement quickly turned to frustration as many noticed a significant decrease in their smartphone’s battery life. As Threads appeared to account for more than 53% of some devices’ battery usage, complaints began surfacing on various social media platforms.

The outcry from users has been swift and vocal. On Twitter, one user bemoaned, “I would use threads, but it kills my phone battery lightning fast.” Another echoed this sentiment, asking, “Is Threads just… murderous to anyone else’s battery?” These user experiences reveal a critical concern that could hinder Threads’ growth if left unaddressed.


Battery Drain: A Killer for Threads?

The repeated complaints around battery drain raise critical questions about the viability of Threads as a new player in the social media landscape. After all, with the array of social media apps available, users won’t tolerate one that rapidly depletes their device’s battery life. If the issue persists, it could significantly impact Threads’ growth and standing in the competitive social media market.

Experts are uncertain as to why the app is causing such a significant battery drain. Jake Moore, a cybersecurity expert at ESET, suggested that it could be due to “negative testing,” but further investigation is needed to substantiate this theory and find a solution.

How to Check if Threads is Affecting Your Phone

If you’ve downloaded Threads and noticed a decline in your phone’s battery performance, there is a simple way to check if the app is the culprit: go to your phone’s settings, select “Battery” and look at the battery usage by app. If Threads is using a significant percentage of your battery, you may want to consider whether the benefits of the app outweigh the rapid battery drain.

Despite a promising launch last week, Threads’ battery drain issue has definitely discouraged new users from joining. As user complaints continue to mount, the pressure is on for Meta to address and resolve the issue promptly.

Until a solution is found, users are faced with a tough choice: enjoy the novel features of Threads at the expense of their phone’s battery life, or delete the app and wait for a fix.