Mike Potter to Lead Tecknuovo’s Strategic Direction

Disruptive technology consultancy Tecknuovo has today appointed Mike Potter as its new Chief Strategy Officer. He joins the business – which prides itself on being the antidote to traditional consulting with its Zero Dependency framework – to support its strategic growth objectives, bolster its public sector expertise and ultimately empower clients through lasting transformation.

With more than 23 years of experience, Mike’s career to date has been a tour of private and public sector digital transformation projects at the likes of Boots, Thames Water, the Environment Agency, NHS Blood & Transplant, HMRC, and the Cabinet Office.

He has dedicated his career to transformation projects that help those who are underserved – whether they’re people who need organ transplants, or those who need a tax system to remove stress from their lives. His main motivation has been helping organisations take back control of their technology and adopt different ways of delivering their services.

Commenting on his appointment, Mike says: “Tecknuovo offers me the opportunity to continue working on projects that I’m passionate about, but on a much larger scale. Previously, my time and efforts were focused on one organisation exclusively. I now have the chance to lead game-changing transformation for a variety of different clients which will result in not just increased efficiency but added value for service users at a time when they need it most.

“Tecknuovo shares my core values and motivations – ensuring organisations have complete ownership and understanding of their technology through a Zero Dependency framework. I truly believe that rebuilding the capability of in-house teams so they can continue evolving once the project comes to an end is even more important than traditional consultancy. It’s this shared passion which tells me this is the right move at the right time.”

Gus Sargent, CEO & Co-Founder of Tecknuovo, says: “For challenger companies like ours, every hire matters and appointing Mike as Chief Strategy Officer is a sign of our intent to continue growing our Deliberately Different model, which resolves technology challenges quickly while upskilling in-house teams. We’ve witnessed his expertise first-hand during our work with Thames Water and it’s clear that our culture and his passion for empowering professionals through digital transformation are a perfect match.

“The ability to hire someone with Mike’s vast experience throughout the public sector shows just how far we’ve come in the past six years. Tecknuovo will no doubt benefit from his real-world, hands-on experience in the field but more importantly, so will our customers. I’m excited to continue both the business’ growth journey and the evolution of our Zero Dependency consultancy model now Mike is on board.”