What Were The Most Streamed Programmes During Lockdown?

Streaming services like Netflix have completely transformed the film and TV industry, making it normal for box sets to be polished off over the space of a weekend. musicMagpie have surveyed the UK to reveal what the new streaming etiquette guidelines are, how often they are watching, and what the most popular series are.

Episodes and Binging

Getting absorbed in a series is a sure-fire way to lose track of an evening thanks to auto-play. But how many episodes until its officially considered a binge?

  • 16 – 24-year olds are watching 4 episodes at a time on average, and would consider 5 a binge
  • The 55+ age range are only managing 1 episode at a time on average, and would consider 3 back to back as bingeworthy
  • 25 – 34 year olds spend just under 2 hours watching streamed content each day, 55+ spend half that at 1 hour

Couples Who Stream Together…

A hectic schedule can sometimes mean its difficult to continue watching a series together as planned. But how many of us have succumbed to temptation?

  • 39% of people surveyed have carried on watching without their partner
  • 33% re-watched with their partner, pretending they hadn’t seen it
  • 28% had an argument with their partner about one watching something without the other
  • 24% watched it without their partner to annoy them after an argument
  • 21% have fallen out with their partner over choosing something to watch

Our Lockdown Viewing Habits

Chances are many of us might be watching a bit more TV than usual lately, with the average person having watched 3 series since lockdown began and over half of the UK (51%) have increased the amount of TV and films they stream. 52% have revisited an old favourite series

What’s Worth Watching?

With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We find out what the nation thinks of some of the most popular series of the past decade. Sherlock is the most watched series of all, with 55% of respondents having seen it


Rank Series % respondents who have seen it
1 Sherlock 55%
2 Peaky Blinders 53%
3 Game of Thrones 51%
4 Line of Duty 51%
5 Killing Eve 48%
6 Breaking Bad 48%
7 The Walking Dead 47%
8 Stranger Things 44%
9 Chernobyl 42%
10 Homeland 40%
11 The Crown 39%
12 Suits 37%
13 Black Mirror 36%
14 Westworld 35%
15 Fleabag 35%
16 The Wire 33%
17 Ozark 28%
18 Top Boy 26%
19 Power 26%
20 Mind Hunter 25%


Westworld was considered the most overrated by viewers…

Rank Series
1 Westworld
2 Suits
3 Fleabag
4 Power
5 The Walking Dead


The last season seems to have really stung, with 16-24 year olds naming Game of Thrones (GoT) their most overrated…

Age Series
16-24 Game of Thrones
25-34 Top Boy
35-44 Fleabag
45-54 Power
55+ Westworld


The Most Binge-Worthy Shows By UK City

Line of Duty storms ahead as the most binge-worthy series, with 7 cities naming that as their favourite…

City Show
Edinburgh Game of Thrones
Glasgow Line of Duty
Belfast Line of Duty
Newcastle Peaky Blinders
Leeds Peaky Blinders
Manchester Line of Duty
Liverpool Line of Duty
Sheffield Line of Duty
Norwich Stranger Things
Nottingham Peaky Blinders
Birmingham Peaky Blinders
Cardiff Game of Thrones
London Breaking Bad
Bristol Line of Duty
Brighton Line of Duty
Southampton Killing Eve
Plymouth Sherlock