MyIns, New Social Media App that Mirrors How We Socialise in Real Life

Arian and Alberto Zandi – the 26-year-old Spanish Co-Founders, based in London – have launched a game-changing new social media app, MyIns, that is set to replicate how we interact in real life, but in the digital world.

The Co-Founders believe in technology adapted to people, not the other way round, and so have launched the free app to help users connect closer with your inner circles of people.

MyIns, short for ‘My Inner Circles’, can be downloaded by everyone and provides invite-only groups that allow users to share life experiences with select group members.

You can create Ins, inner circles, for any type of group, be it work, friends, family, partners, housemates – the list goes on.

With invite-online groups, users can experience life authentically through instant messaging, live stories and collective group feeds to post your favourite pictures and videos together. Users can also like, comment and reminisce the best times of your lives together and have a place for your future moments as a group.



By having these personal invite-only groups, known as ‘Ins’ (Inner Circles) on the app, users can share different content with different groups in your life. In real life, for example, you wouldn’t share the same experiences with your boss as you would WITH your partner or best friends, and so MyIns is replicating that in the digital world to create a more authentic way of socialising online.

The app has been financially backed by some prestigious angel investors from Europe that strongly believe this will become an alternative way of socialising digitally, in a more private and controlled space.

The Co-Founders comment: “We don’t use the big social media apps as we don’t think is natural the way you share your life and experiences with thousands of people you barely know. We just don’t think it’s authentic and how we should be using the advanced technology we have today.

“So, we’ve created MyIns that is designed to be a really authentic and healthy way of socialising in the digital space, mirroring how we would interact with different groups of people in real life. We really do believe this is the way forward for social media and we’re really excited for the public to start using MyIns.”

The free app is available now on iOS and does not display ads to its users or boost any sponsored content.