NatWest Bank Introduces New AI Virtual Assistant, Cora+

NatWest, a leading bank in the UK, has announced the introduction of a new AI chatbot, Cora+. This new virtual assistant promises to transform the way customers interact with the bank, offering a more human-like conversation. Paul Taylor from IBM Technology says, “Cora+ is designed to communicate with customers in a way that feels natural and intuitive.”


A More Human Chatbot


Cora+ is not just an ordinary chatbot; it’s a generative AI that can handle complex questions about NatWest’s products, services, and even job opportunities. This advanced chatbot can pull information from many sources to provide personalized answers. “Cora+ will answer complex questions in a conversational manner, much like a bank staff member would,” explains Paul Taylor.

The development of Cora+ aligns with the bank’s commitment to offering reliable and accessible services to all customers. “We’re ensuring that the answers provided by Cora+ are free of bias and hate, maintaining a high level of trust,” states Paul Taylor. This initiative makes banking services accessible at any time, which is particularly beneficial for those with family commitments or irregular working hours.


Cora+ and Customer Choices


The introduction of Cora+ doesn’t mean that customers can no longer visit branches or call for support. It’s about adding another option for customers to get information. “It’s about giving customers more choice about what information they want, where they want it, and how they want to respond,” Mr. Taylor reassures.



NatWest’s Response to Branch Closures


With the closure of over a thousand bank branches, NatWest’s Cora+ represents a shift towards more digital banking options. The bank assures that the purpose of Cora+ is to improve efficiency and the customer experience in partnership with human colleagues, not to replace them.


UK’s Focus on AI Safety


The launch of Cora+ coincides with the UK’s growing focus on AI safety. The country’s first AI Safety Summit led to the announcement of a new institute for testing AI models. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed pride in the progress, indicating a forward-looking approach to AI technology.

Cora+ is NatWest’s step towards evolving customer service. By embracing AI, the bank is adapting to the changing needs and preferences of its customers. “We’re excited about how Cora+ will enhance our customer service, making it more efficient and responsive,” a NatWest spokesperson said.

NatWest’s Cora+, developed with IBM, marks a fresh direction in banking customer service. It ensures choice, trust, and round-the-clock access to banking services for everyone. As Paul Taylor puts it, “Banks must keep up with technology to meet customer needs, or they risk falling behind.” With Cora+, NatWest shows its commitment to customer service in the digital era.