Near-Zero Carbon Platform Unveiled By Nuearth With Launch Of ‘Fashioning The Future’ Initiative In Association With Chopard

Nuearth have launched a fashion sustainability awareness initiative in association with luxury watch, jewellery and accessories brand Chopard in the run up to London Fashion Week.

Fashioning The Future’ highlights ways that the fashion industry can significantly reduce its carbon footprint by utilising hydro and geothermal-powered near carbon-free data storage systems in Iceland.


In 2022, the global fashion industry emitted 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the environment – equivalent to the entire combined economies of the UK, Germany and France. Under targets set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the sector is required to have halved these emissions by the end of the decade.

The fast fashion sector is a major source of pollution, with an estimated 60 percent of low-price garments ending up in landfill sites within a year of purchase. And with a growing proportion of the industry switching at breakneck speed to greater digital rather than physical space, the emissions resulting from increased technology usage and server systems are an often-overlooked final frontier in the fight for sustainable solutions.



Nuearth is looking to raise industry standards by highlighting the environmental impact and championing sustainability. Co-founded by filmmaker Darren Strowger and musician Robbie Furze, the company is working with cutting edge Icelandic partners Responsible Compute, headed up by CEO Kristján Hafsteinsson.



Together, they are providing almost carbon-free storage solutions to clients across the UK and Europe, allowing fashion companies to mitigate their carbon footprint using cost-effective and sustainable servers powered by hydro and geothermal energy.



Nuearth Chairman Darren Strowger says: “I’ve been closely involved in the fashion and film industries for many years, and I’ve observed that this is a growing problem in both sectors, particularly in fashion where there continues to be a seismic shift to increased technology usage and online retail. And it’s a problem that can’t be ignored if the industry and international governing bodies are serious about meeting new targets and rules that have been set with regards to sustainability.”

Co-founder Furze adds: “At Nuearth, our exclusive partnership in Iceland enables us to prioritise the use of data centres that are designed, powered and operated via hydro and geothermal energy sources and energy efficient infrastructure, with effectively a zero-carbon footprint.

While we are targeting the fashion and film industries initially, this solution is relevant for every sector and business that has a data storage requirement.”

Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director at Chopard, says: “We fully support the Fashioning The Future campaign. For the fashion industry, the adoption of sustainable practices is not merely a goal, but a necessity. That’s why we are delighted to support Nuearth in this initiative.”

Nuearth uses the lowest carbon footprint Data Centres in the world, hosted at the Borealis Data Center in Iceland, and Nuearth clients have the huge advantage of zero power cost on the company’s network.

‘Fashioning The Future’ was launched during a VIP event at Chiltern Firehouse in London on Tuesday, 6th February, held in association with luxury watch brand Chopard.

At the event, Nuearth and Chopard made donations to the British Fashion Council Foundation (BFC) to support a sustainable BFC Fashion Trust grant as part of the charity’s grant-giving. The non-profit organisation, which aims to enable sustainable growth of British fashion in the global economy, will select the recipient through its BFC Fashion Trust application and selection process.