Neitiv Marks International Women’s Day With Launch of The Red Dot Project


This International Women’s Day, the UK’s first coconut flower drops beverage company Neitiv will be celebrating the occasion by launching The Red Dot Project. The initiative aims to combat period poverty by providing free period products across the nation and then in all locations where the brand’s premium range of Coconut Flower Beer is available to buy. The project will be partly funded by sales of the Coconut Flower Beer and eventually rolled out to all countries where the premium lager is stocked. Additionally, Neitiv will implement The Red Dot Project in villages in India and Vietnam where some of their producers are based.

As a brand, Neitiv is committed to supporting women and challenging negative gender stereotypes around the world. In the UK alone, a staggering one million young people during the pandemic struggled to afford or have access to period products. Across the world, many menstruators have faced severe shortages of products and a sharp rise in prices since the onset of Covid-19. Through the Red Dot Project, individuals will be able to visit the Neitiv website, input their details, and have period products posted to them free of charge.



Being a sustainable and ethical brand, Neitiv wants to promote equality through its products as well as its charity. The Red Dot project will be issuing eco-friendly and biodegradable period products to those who need them.

Vaani VetriKo, Co-Founder of Neitiv comments; “This International Women’s Day we are celebrating Neitiv turning one by launching our Red Dot Project which aims to combat period poverty. We chose to contribute to abolishing period poverty because as a brand we want to empower all people and we recognise the importance of brands using their position to contribute to effecting positive change.”

“Neitiv’s ethos aims to ensure that all people should be able to enjoy a beer. Over the coming months we’re particularly looking forward to launching The Red Dot Project through sales of our Coconut Flower Beer range. We will be rolling out The Red Dot initiative across the UK and we have plans to expand it to all locations where you can purchase our drinks, including where our producers are located abroad. We also have plans to increase female visibility in the craft beer industry further down the line through training and employment. ”