Netflix Will No Longer Allow Subscriptions Paid With Apple

Netflix has changed how customers can pay for their subscriptions, particularly affecting those who used to bill their accounts through Apple. New or rejoining Netflix members can no longer set up their billing through Apple. If you’re trying to sign up using an Apple mobile device, you’ll need to find an alternative payment method.

“Customers looking to enjoy Netflix need to sign up directly through our website using a different payment method,” advises a Netflix spokesperson.

For existing users billed through Apple, there may be a need to switch payment methods to continue their subscription. This change particularly impacts members in select countries. Netflix clarifies, “Some Apple-billed members may be prompted to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.”


How Can You Check If Netflix Is Billed Through Apple?


It’s straightforward to find out if your Netflix account is billed through Apple. Just log into your Netflix account and visit the Membership and Billing section. This area will confirm your current billing method. If you’re unsure or have any billing questions, Netflix recommends visiting Apple support for more guidance.

Remember, “Apple subscriptions renew automatically, and you might be charged up to 24 hours before each subscription period starts,” as stated by Netflix. This automatic renewal ensures uninterrupted service but requires awareness and management from the user’s end.


What If You Need to Update Your Apple Billing Information?


Updating your Apple billing information is essential to maintain your Netflix service if you’re billed through this method. Follow Apple’s standard procedure by signing into your Apple account to update your details.

This update could be necessary due to various reasons, including accepting a price or currency change as Netflix notes, “Apple pricing for Netflix is subject to change based on currency or VAT changes.”

It’s also important to manage your payment information actively. “Sign in to your Account and select Manage payment info,” Netflix advises for those looking to change their payment method, emphasising that switching from Apple to a Netflix gift card is currently not an option.


How Do You Change Your Netflix Plan?


If you’re considering altering your Netflix subscription plan, the process will vary depending on your billing method. For those billed through Apple, changes need to be made directly through their Apple account.

“Plan upgrades are effective immediately, and the full amount for the new plan will be charged on the date you upgrade,” Netflix explains. This immediate effect allows users to enjoy their new plan without delay, with their billing date shifting to the upgrade date.

For plan downgrades, adjustments will take effect on the next billing date. This ensures users can plan their finances accordingly without unexpected charges. “You will receive a prorated refund for any unused portion of your previous plan immediately upon upgrading,” adds Netflix, providing some financial flexibility to its users.