Netflix’s Love Is Blind Live Reunion Cancelled Due To Technical Difficulties

Netflix’s decision to live stream the fourth season reunion of Love Is Blind turned into a frustrating experience for subscribers as technical difficulties led to the cancellation of the reality dating show’s real-time viewing.

The show, which is rumoured to be the eighth most streamed original show of 2022, follows 30 men and women who date each other over 10 days from inside pods that prevent them from seeing each other, with the idea being to avoid letting any physical aspects weigh in on how they feel.

In an all-time first for the show, viewers were promised a live reunion with real-time action and reduced editing.

Netflix apologized to its viewers for the cancellation and promised to have the reunion available to stream today at 12PM PT/3PM ET.

The frustration of viewers led to calls for Netflix to lower its subscription prices and to resume shipping DVDs. Other brands like Tile and Paramount+ also got in on the fun with humorous tweets about the incident.

Netflix’s next live streaming attempt will be the Screen Actor Guild Awards in 2024.