NeuroCreate Raises £150,000 for AI and Neuroscience-Driven Creativity Platform

NeuroCreate has raised £150,000 of SEIS funding from investors including Jenson Funding Partners for the further development of its AI-driven platform, which augments creativity, enhances cognitive health and helps employees to attain peak performance.

NeuroCreate’s first product, the FlowCreate™️ Innovator, is a B2B SaaS platform that uses neuroscience and AI to navigate employees through the creative stages of their roles, acting as a facilitator for accelerating the creative process through digitised creative techniques and tools, and equally as a provocateur that challenges assumptions to help users identify blindspots. The AI collaborator is a visual tool that sparks human creativity by inspiring, expanding and analysing ideas for creative industries professionals within strategy and content creation. By providing a flexible digital innovation framework, the Innovator guides professionals through different stages of creative cognition.

The company has already received traction with creative, innovation and design companies that validate the beta version of the product and the pricing strategy. NeuroCreate has published positive results of AI-human collaboration in over 100 trials to improve creative productivity and mental flexibility and has subsequently received Innovate UK funding for the platform.

The funding from Jenson Funding Partners will be used to further develop collaborative web functionality for FlowCreate Innovator and to grow the NeuroCreate team. NeuroCreate’s ultimate vision is within the Future of Work, training users to increase their cognitive performance by attaining “Flow” mental states at work. “Flow” is an enhanced peak performance mindset where employees feel capable of overcoming challenges effortlessly – improving productivity, resilience and cognitive flexibility.


The company’s primary go-to-market strategy is targeted at the creative industries (the creative collaborative productivity software worldwide market will be £20bn revenue by 2025) with the aim to grow into the global enterprise collaboration sector (expected to be £54.82bn by 2024) and the wellbeing market (£37bn), due to the platform’s emphasis on mental performance and cognitive health.

NeuroCreate was founded by CEO Dr Shama Rahman, an expert in multi-disciplinary creativity. Dr Rahman has a career as a musician, performance artist and actor alongside completing an interdisciplinary PhD in neuroscience and creative innovation frameworks. Her research and proprietary deep-learning algorithms for accurately detecting “Flow” brain patterns underpin NeuroCreate’s technology.

Dr Shama Rahman, CEO of NeuroCreate, commented: “Creativity is a critical skill for organisations to foster in order to outperform in terms of growth, revenue and market share, and importantly employee wellbeing and productivity. There is therefore a huge amount of value to be derived by enhancing creative mental states through our innovative approach of ‘Neurodesign’ – designing ethical digital products for enhancing the human mind to thrive. It is our belief that a key component of the Future of Work will be the use of AI to augment the creative process and help employees achieve the “Flow” state. Not only will this improve productivity and outputs for organisations but it will also have a profound impact on employee wellbeing and engagement.”

Jeffrey Faustin, Chief Investment Officer and Jenson Funding Partners, commented: “NeuroCreate is an exciting proposition that sits at the cross-section between science, technology and the creative industries. There are many interdisciplinary uses of AI that are yet to be realised and NeuroCreate is exploring one that has a great deal of potential because of the focus that has been placed on employee wellness and productivity over the past few years. The team behind NeuroCreate also has all of the right credentials, knowledge and research to truly lead in this area and unlock the power of creativity for companies.”

With its creative AI expertise, NeuroCreate has recently been chosen by the UK government’s GREAT campaign to showcase co-creative collaborative AI in the US. NeuroCreate has been selected as one of the Top 100 UK Createch companies by the Creative Industries Council, and has been shortlisted for the RSA ‘Tech for Good’ Future of Work Awards, alongside features in Thrive Global and Forbes. Dr Rahman herself has been featured on TechRound’s Top 64 Women in Tech and Startups, AI Innovator of the Year finalist in AI Summit and Entrepreneur of the Year by the Olympic Legacy.