New Relic Introduces a Reimagined New Relic One

New Relic One

New Relic Delivers Reimagined Observability Platform with Unified User Experience, and Simple, Predictable Pricing to Help Companies Create More Perfect Software


Finally, Observability Made Simple for all Engineering Teams


New Relic One


LONDON – July 30, 2020 – New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR), the observability platform company, today delivered strategic updates to New Relic One. In a video to customers, New Relic CEO and Founder Lew Cirne introduced a reimagined New Relic One, including a clear intuitive user experience, powerful new capabilities, and simple, predictable packaging and pricing, including a new perpetual free tier to make it easy for engineers to try, use, and do business with New Relic. 

New Relic One is a powerful offering designed to give every engineer a single platform to easily experience the benefits of full observability, including improved uptime and availability, greater scale and efficiency, and faster time to market. 

“From the beginning, New Relic has been focused on delivering a simple, yet powerful way to help every company and every engineer deliver more perfect software,” said New Relic CEO and Founder Lew Cirne. “Every engineer deserves the benefits of observability. That’s why we’re taking a bold step in dramatically simplifying and reducing the total cost of instrumenting everything across their environment. Welcome to the new New Relic – your single source of truth for the performance of your digital business.”  

New Relic unveiled a reimagined New Relic One, including all of the powerful, innovative product experiences users have come to know and love, now delivered in a fully integrated and dramatically simplified platform. The revamped New Relic One is designed as a single source of truth for all of a customers’ telemetry data, and at a price point that can remove the barriers of adopting observability across a customers’ full environment. As a result, customers no longer have to sample which applications they monitor. In addition, they can reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining disparate monitoring tools, which limit their true understanding of what’s happening in their software environment. This eliminates the toil of forcing engineers to scramble and switch between tools to investigate issues.


New Relic One


Updated New Relic One 

New Relic One is the most powerful cloud-based observability platform built to help customers create more perfect software. It includes everything organisations need to achieve observability: 

  • Telemetry Data Platform to collect, visualise, and alert on all types of application and infrastructure data at petabyte scale. It is designed to be the single source of truth for all operational data. 
  • Full-Stack Observability to easily analyse and troubleshoot the entire software stack across APM, infrastructure, logs, and digital customer experience in one connected experience.
  • Applied Intelligence to detect, understand, and resolve incidents faster. 


New Relic One


Introducing a New Perpetual Free Tier

The company introduced a perpetual free offering for New Relic One. Now, every engineer can have instant access to New Relic’s powerful complete observability platform at no cost, forever. The new perpetual free offering includes access to New Relic One with no hidden costs or credit card required, including: 

  • Telemetry Data Platform: 100 GB of data every month free.
  • Full-Stack Observability: one free full access user license.
  • Applied Intelligence’s Proactive Detection: first 100 million app transactions per month free. 
  • Applied Intelligence’s Incident Intelligence: first 1,000 incident events per month free. 

Once an engineer’s usage increases beyond these levels, New Relic One makes it easy for customers to upgrade to meet their growing needs. 


Customers Praise New Relic One


“New Relic One has allowed my team to rally around a unified UI to get a simplified picture of our systems and enable faster triage to service impacting issues. Being a real time highly transactional business, this is a key requirement for us. The platform has been instrumental in helping us scale to the increasing demands of our business, increase monitoring adoption and reduce the barrier to entry across our technology teams. New Relic is at the forefront of technology with William Hill and is uniquely addressing the needs of their cutting edge applications and services.” Andrew Longmuir, Capacity and Monitoring Engineering Manager at William Hill.


“One of the biggest challenges our engineering teams are facing is ensuring we can resolve issues as fast as possible so our customers are not impacted. The New Relic One observability platform gives us a simplified and unified view of our high complex infrastructure, allowing teams to detect, understand, and resolve incidents faster than ever before.” – Lena Katz, Head of Research & Development, Gett


“As we’ve scaled our team to meet the growing needs of the Ancestry business, we’ve implemented many observability tools, some developed in-house, some open source. Rather than continuing to develop specialized tools, we wanted to standardize on one solution without having to worry about how much data we were logging and the associated costs. New Relic One gives us an integrated, cost-effective platform to centralize our approach to observability. Standardizing on the platform has allowed our engineers to stay better informed on what is happening on other teams, breaking down silos and resolving issues faster for higher uptime.” – Nat Natarajan, EVP, Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Ancestry


New Relic One