New Study Reveals The Best Cities For Young Adults To Live In 2023

Deciding where you want to live can be a tough choice at any life stage, but it can be especially difficult for young adults. With so many factors to consider, such as job prospects, quality of nightlife offered, and affordable rent, figuring out which city is right for you can become quite overwhelming.

The life insurance team at Comparethemarket has created ranking to reveal the top cities for young adults. The ranking considers factors Important to young adults, including how much of the population is aged 18-30, cost of living aspects, job opportunities, the number of pubs and bars hosting events, and the overall happiness of each city’s inhabitants.

Nottingham, Southampton and Coventry revealed as the top cities for young adults

Nottingham ranks as the UK’s top city for young adults. With two universities, affordable public transport, and relatively inexpensive rent, it’s no surprise more than a quarter (28%) of Nottingham’s population Is aged between 18 and 30.

On average, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Nottingham city centre costs £765 per month, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant is just £12, and the price of a monthly public transport pass is £60.

Southampton comes in second place, with 24% of its population aged 18-30. This coastal city currently offers 1,038 job listings and 95 pubs and bars hosting events, so there are plenty of opportunities for both career development and socialising. Coventry follows in third, scoring particularly well for its low transport costs. A monthly public transport pass costs just £50 on average here, which is cheaper than what’s on offer in any other UK city.



























Kingston-upon-Hull is the most affordable city for renters, with a 1-bedroom flat averaging £452.50 p/m

A one-bedroom flat in the centre of Kingston-upon-Hull costs an average of £452.50 per month, making it the most affordable option for renters. Middlesbrough comes second with an average monthly rent of £475, and Peterborough places third at £536.67 per month on average.



Peterborough is the UK’s cheapest city for dining out, while Coventry offers the most affordable transport 


Inexpensive restaurant meals are cheaper in Peterborough than any other UK city, at just £9 on average. Coventry, Bradford, Middlesbrough, Plymouth, and Bolton take joint second place, with affordable meals in each of these cities costing £10 on average.

Meanwhile, the UK’s cheapest monthly public transport pass can be found in Coventry, costing just £50. The equivalent isn’t much more expensive in Cardiff and Leicester, at an average of £53 and £54 per month respectively.


London takes the crown for the most nightlife options


Looking at nightlife offerings across the UK, London unsurprisingly comes out on top with 1,206 bars and pubs hosting live events across the city.

London is followed by Edinburgh (560) and Glasgow (393) as the second and third top cities for the best night out in the UK.

Anna McEntee, from the life insurance team at Comparethemarket comments: “Choosing where to live as a young adult can be an important decision – and there are a lot of different aspects to consider. Being happy with your living situation, as well as being able to form strong friendships and social ties, and maintain a healthful diet is key to establishing a good overall level of personal well-being.

It’s great to see there are many cities in the UK that offer good living options for young adults, from affordable public transport, to plentiful job opportunities.”