New Meta Threads Update Brings Real-Time Search Results

Meta’s Threads is experimenting with a feature that some users have long wanted—search results sorted by time. Until now, when you searched on Threads, you’d only see the most popular results. This is about to change for some users.

Meta’s decision to test chronological search options on Threads comes after consistent user demand for more timely content, especially during live events like sports matches or breaking news. The traditional algorithm-driven approach often buries new and relevant posts under more popular or engaging content, which can be frustrating for users who want the latest updates.


What Exactly Did Instagram Say, And User Feedback

An Instagram user, danrodriguez312, excitedly shared, “It’s happening, everyone! Threads added ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’ buttons to their search! While Recent isn’t exactly chronological, it appears to show more recent posts than what show up on Top feed.”

He noted, “*This does not appear on all accounts yet.”

In response, saramontourlewis playfully commented that they expect it to disappear in 17 hours.

From Instagram, Adam Mosseri responded by saying, “We’re starting to test this with a small number of people so it’s easier to find relevant search results in real time. Curious to hear your feedback.” He then asked users with the feature to follow the WNBA draft updates using the real-time feature with the keyword, NBAThreads.

Later, danrodriguez312 provided some feedback: “@mosseri @threads, the Recent feed for search worked great tonight to follow the WNBA draft. Good quality posts in chronological order made it easy to follow the conversation on Threads and discover more people discussing one topic.”

More users will start to report back on the feature as they get to test it out.



What Else Is New with Threads?

Besides the testing of the new chronological search functionalities, Threads has recently begun integrating sports scores into its search results, starting with NBA games. This is a strategic move likely aimed at attracting and retaining a more diverse user base, offering quick updates for sports fans, which could expand to include more leagues in the future.

On another note, Threads has added a feature to allow users to limit political content in their timelines, responding to user feedback about content preferences. This has gotten mixed reactions from different users.


Will These Changes Affect How We Use Threads?

These updates by Threads could definitely alter overall user engagement, particularly for those who use the platform to follow live events or want to get immediate updates on specific topics. With allowing users to sort search results by recency, Threads may become a more valuable tool for real-time information, which has been a challenge with the algorithmic sorting of posts.

The real test will be how widely these features are rolled out and whether they can enhance user satisfaction without compromising the safety and integrity of the platform, as Meta has expressed concerns about in the past. If successful, these changes could be a difference in how people interact with Threads and potentially set a new standard for social media platforms.