New Wearable ‘Crown’ Brain Computer Boosts Productivity

As advancements in technology persist, a new horizon has emerged in the form of brainwave-reading devices. Among the pioneering players in this nascent market is Neurosity, a start-up breaking ground with its innovative headset, The Crown.

The Crown doesn’t merely resemble an oversized pair of headphones; it is a game-changing tool that leverages the science of electroencephalography (EEG) to measure the brain’s electrical activity, potentially enhancing users’ state of mind and productivity levels.

Understanding the Crown’s Mechanism

In essence, the Crown employs EEG to track your brain’s gamma waves, known to intensify as you undertake more complex cognitive tasks. Equipped with ten electrodes, the headset provides an intimate measure of your concentration and mental activity.

An integral part of the Crown’s allure is its sophisticated way of utilising this information. The device selects and plays specific tracks of music designed to boost focus. Over time, it fine-tunes the selection based on your brainwave data, essentially creating a personalised cognitive-enhancement soundtrack.


Putting the Crown to the Test

Initial feedback from users of the Crown is promising. The device has attracted a diverse user base, from CEOs managing their ADHD to celebrated musicians like Grimes. However, its effectiveness isn’t purely anecdotal. Users typically report feeling more focused after just a few minutes of wearing the device.

For sceptics, it’s worth noting that various studies have proven the cognitive benefits of listening to specific types of music, particularly slow-paced, non-vocal tracks. The Crown not only provides such a soundtrack but tailors it to your specific cognitive profile.

Is it Worth the Investment?

At a retail price of £1,500 or a monthly fee of £70, the Crown is not a casual investment. Yet, if it delivers on its promise of enhanced focus and productivity, it could prove an invaluable asset, especially in our increasingly fast-paced, multitasking society.

Future Implications of the Crown and Brainwave Technology

Beyond personal productivity, the Crown opens up a world of possibilities for brain-computer interfaces. For instance, one user has reportedly adapted the device’s software to drive a Tesla car using his brainwaves!

While we’re yet to fully explore the potential of such technology, one thing is clear – Neurosity’s Crown is leading the charge in merging the realms of neuroscience and everyday consumer technology. In an era where every edge matters, this brainwave-reading device could indeed be a ‘crowning’ achievement.

In the evolving landscape of neurotech, the Crown stands out as an exciting fusion of music, mindfulness, and modern technology. This invention is more than just a novel gadget; it’s a testament to human ingenuity and our relentless quest for cognitive enhancement and personal productivity. By combining neuroscience, technology, and personalisation, Neurosity is leading us towards a future where our brains and devices can work in harmony to optimise our daily lives.