Nike Showcases New AI Sneakers: The Future Of Wearable AI Tech

Nike has rolled out its A.I.R series, standing for Athlete Imagined Revolution, which starts a new chapter for sneaker design. Recently showcased in Paris, this collection includes 13 innovative sneakers created using 3D printing and artificial intelligence. The event, brought to life with commentary from Serena Williams, blended technology with personal athletic expression.

John Hoke, Nike’s Chief Innovation Officer, discussed with designboom the aims of the A.I.R project to extend beyond conventional design by integrating technology with the athlete’s personality. “We’re shifting past basic functionality to craft shoes that encapsulate the athlete’s character,” Hoke remarked. Each shoe is custom-fit to the athletes’ performance needs and personal tastes, reflecting their unique styles.


How Are A.I.R Sneakers Made?

The production of A.I.R sneakers is a fusion of digital and traditional craftsmanship. Starting with AI-generated mood boards for inspiration, the designs were refined using computational design tools and realised through 3D printing, allowing for quick creation and customisation.

Athletes contributed a lot to the design process, providing insights on everything from color preferences to functionality requirements. Victor Wembanyama’s sneakers, for example, included elements inspired by his interest in science fiction, showcasing the deep integration of personal interests into the designs. This collaborative approach ensured each shoe was not only high-performing but also intimately connected to its wearer.


What Does This Mean For The Future Of Footwear?

Nike’s latest project points to a shift where athletic footwear aligns closely with personal identity and performance enhancement. Although the A.I.R sneakers are presently exclusive and not available for general purchase, they preview a time when consumers might access personalised footwear that matches their physical and aesthetic preferences.



Heidi O’Neill, President of Consumer, Product, and Brand at Nike, spoke on the importance of these developments at the Nike On Air event. “This collection reimagines sports footwear, aligning it perfectly with the specific needs and identities of athletes,” she stated. This approach not only sets a new bar for athletic gear but also strengthens the connection between athletes and their gear.


How Will This Influence The Sports Industry?

Nike is changing the game when it comes to sports innovation with these new AI-designed and 3D-printed shoes. Creating more of these with faster and more flexible design methods will in turn increase the availability of custom shoes, meeting the unique needs and preferences of athletes in different sports.

Insights from market research point to growth in the 3D-printed footwear industry, influenced by tech advancements and consumers’ expectations for personalised products. Grand View Research suggests this niche will expand, driven by tech advancements and a trend towards more customised consumer items.


Who Else Is Using AI For Footwear?

Nike’s innovation is not alone as this company, Xfinito Biodesigns, also ventures into the world of AI-driven footwear. Siddharth Nair, the cofounder of Xfinito Biodesigns, was motivated by a personal challenge to develop a medical device that aids those suffering from diabetic neuropathy. His company’s creation,, is a smart sneaker equipped with sensors and electrodes that monitor foot pressure, temperature, and neuromuscular response.

“This footwear is an intelligent system that senses various physical factors to help manage and treat conditions such as diabetic neuropathy,” Nair explains. The device embodies a cutting-edge approach by blending AI technology with practical medical applications, offering tailored treatment options based on real-time data collected through the wearable.