Buy One Coffee a Week and Save Turtles, Plant Trees and Share Meals


Conscious consumerism is on the rise and banks are starting to realise that customers are looking for ways to use their money to do good for the planet.

Enter NOVUS – a new, positive impact banking and lifestyle app that promises to turn your everyday spending into a force for good.

Novus uses the power of technology to generate positive impact from everyday financial activity, with a goal to create an ecosystem that connects consumers’ spending habits to purpose-driven brands and impact projects. After building a huge waiting list of keen customers, the app is now live and has already processed more than £1,000,000 of customer payments.

Every time a user taps their ‘compostable’ Novus card, real-time ‘impact’ points are donated to various environmental and social causes such as funding meals, cleaning the ocean and so much more. Members can then follow their impact to see just how much of a difference they are making, as well as track and offset their carbon footprint based on their card activity.



Here is one example of what you can achieve by using a Novus card:

  • Buy 1 coffee per week in Redemption Roasters coffee house costing £4.10
  • Using your Novus card, you will earn 200 impact coins
  • If you buy 1 coffee per week for a year, you will spend £213.20 and earn 10,400 impact coins
  • Your 1 coffee per week will save 13 turtles (you can choose other causes from a list)

SO: 1 coffee x 52 weeks = save 13 turtles – it’s as easy as that!

Use the Novus calculator to work out what impact you can have:

The app is available to download for free for Android or iOs. To start with, it will be offering basic banking facilities and a sustainable marketplace where users get cashback rewards when choosing sustainable brands for their purchases.

Co-founded by a team of entrepreneurs with shared experience in fintech, private equity and app development, Novus’ mission is to become a ‘super app’ for the growing conscious consumer segment.

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