Nozama Launches Plastiks: World’s first Utility NFT Incentivising Plastic Producers & Recyclers to Recover & Recycle 

Nozama, the London-founded global sustainability technology company, is delighted to announce the successful launch of Plastiks – the world’s first utility NFT dedicated to driving a revolution in the SUP recycling industry, connecting recyclers with plastic producers and users, alongside artists.

Plastiks is a pioneer in the fight against global plastic contamination, incentivising a much needed increase in the amount of plastic that is recovered for recycling. Each year 380 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide but only 16%1 of that is recycled. For some types of plastic it is much worse, just 3% of the 56 million tonnes of polypropylene produced each year is recycled, with the vast majority damaging the environment.

The Plastiks marketplace works by allowing global recyclers to turn invoice data into NFTs. Each NFT created uses data recorded on blockchain to certify that a corresponding amount of plastic has been recovered and not ended up in the environment.
This creates a more transparent recycling operation and also provides recyclers with an additional source of income as they can mint and sell their recovery guarantee as an NFT on the Plastiks marketplace.

SUP manufacturing companies and consumer brands can compensate for their waste by buying these tokens to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and recycling. This can be used as a marketing tool or part of loyalty programme, to encourage individuals to collect NFTs, or a visual icon to be used on a company website demonstrating their dedication to reducing plastic waste.



To make it more appealing, the model also connects artists across music, painting, photography and literature to produce NFTs that are collectable on both artistic merit and environmental grounds.

The Plastiks blockchain-powered marketplace allows companies, individuals and NFT speculators to operate on the platform by minting, listing, publishing and trading the tokens.

The platform is already attracting both buyers and sellers, as international recycling firms Urbaser and Plásticos Güell are already listing NFTs for sale. The latter completed the platform’s first NFT sale, when hotels group, Grup Soteras bought ‘THE FOREST’, an NFT equivalent to 0.4 tons of polypropylene plastic (PP5).

These transactions create an additional revenue stream for recyclers from plastic they have already recovered and offers producers and users the opportunity to make a meaningful investment in the recovery of SUPs.

André Vanyi Robin, Founder and CEO of Nozama, said: “Plastiks is a bridge between plastic recyclers and producers in the ongoing fight to protect the environment. We are using NFTs as a utility – breaking new ground to give consumers faith that the end-to-end supply chain is committed to minimising waste.”

“This is an innovative, blockchain-powered marketplace which has already attracted significant demand from recyclers and producers, not to mention the artists who have been manifesting their fight against waste for this pioneering venture.
“We hope to expand our network of companies across the globe who are dedicated to reducing the amount of single-use plastic ending up in the environment, while enabling them to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they are fully committed to tracking, measuring and fighting plastic waste.”