Nudea Certifies as a B Corporation

Underwear brand Nudea has received B Corporation certification and has also recently undertaken a successful round of crowdfunding raising more than £470K.


B Corp Status

Sustainable, design-led underwear brand, Nudea has announced its certification as a B Corporation (or B Corp), joining a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit. Nudea is proud to be one of only three UK underwear brands to have met the rigorous social and environmental standards set by B Lab. Nudea is also taking the lead globally as one of the few brands providing technical bras and briefs to have achieved such status.

The B Corp certification addresses the entirety of a business’ operations and covers five key impact areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. The certification process is rigorous, with applicants required to reach a benchmark score of over 80 while providing evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. To complete the certification, the company will legally embed their commitment to purpose beyond profit in their company articles.

Priya Downes, Nudea’s CEO and Founder, comments: “We’re delighted to share this fantastic announcement of Nudea’s B Corp certification and to further our ‘CareMore’ commitment with an exemplary B Impact Score of 103*. B Corp is one of the most demanding certifications that evaluates brands’ social and environmental impact, with over 300 questions on governance, workers, communities and impact on the environment. It is the result of a collective work at Nudea that started in April 2021 and through 10 months of rigorous auditing and legals, we are proud to be part of the B Corp community.”

“This certification offers Nudea a powerful framework to accelerate our ambitions to be a leader in this category. It also reinforces our commitment to improve and challenge ourselves to continuously do better, using our business as a force for good for the benefit of all people, communities, and the planet.”

Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab UK, says “We are delighted to welcome Nudea to the B Corp community. This is a movement of companies who are committed to changing how business operates and believe business really can be a force for good. We know that Nudea is going to be a fantastic addition to the community and will continue driving the conversation forward”.


Recent Crowdfunding


Nudea has just undertaken a successful round of crowd funding via Crowdcube, raising over £470k and 188% of the initial funding target. Interestingly, Nudea‘s founder & CEO, Priya Downes has been surprised by the lack of female investors, particularly for a female founded business which you expect would be easily attract women as they would more easily identify with the problem we are trying to solve. We have just completed as crowd fund which despite it being more targeted at retail investors has still resulted in 80% of the 670 new investors being men