Nuheara And Oto Announce Global Collaboration For New Tech-First Approach To Tinnitus Support

  • Australian hearing health company Nuheara and UK digital health company Oto announce collaboration to support people with tinnitus across the US, Canada, UK and Australia

  • The world first collaboration of its kind brings together cutting-edge hearable devices with science-backed digital tinnitus support

  • New research in The Lancet shows 1 in 7 people are currently living with tinnitus, but there is no cure

Oto, the UK based digital health startup for tinnitus support and Australian hearing health company, Nuheara (ASX:NUH) have announced the world’s first collaboration to provide digital-led, tech-enabled support for people affected by tinnitus.

The collaboration brings together Nuheara’s award-winning IQbuds² MAX hearing buds, which enable users to personalize and augment their hearing using smartphones and tablets, with Oto’s mobile app that compiles and consolidates the latest therapy techniques to maximise quality of life for people with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is reportedly more common than hearing loss. A new study published by The Lancet in January 2022, shows that almost 15% of people in Europe have tinnitus, which is estimated to be close to 65 million. The World Health Organization reports as many as 42.7% of the global population experience tinnitus, a condition that can have a significant impact on mental health and quality of life.

Tinnitus is not well understood and according to the American Tinnitus Association there are more than 200 different health conditions associated with its development. There is no known cure and the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance recommends digital cognitive behavioural therapy as first line therapy for tinnitus-related distress, however until Oto was launched, there has never been a definitive solution.



According to Justin Miller, CEO and co-founder Nuheara: “Since Nuheara launched IQbuds in 2016 we have found that for some people with tinnitus, our technology has been beneficial. Now with the Oto Tinnitus App collaboration, Nuheara’s customers will be able enjoy science-backed digital tinnitus support when they purchase the IQbuds² MAX/Oto bundle. Given more people experience tinnitus than hearing loss, this exciting collaboration means Nuheara can touch more people with an innovative hearing health solution.”

Commenting on the new announcements, former military and NHS doctor and Oto co-founder Dr. Edmund Farrar said: “Our joint initiative with Nuheara, a pioneer and global leader in state-of-the-art hearable technology, is an important step for Oto and for the tinnitus community. Together we’ll be able to reach more people and help them to live their best life, uninterrupted by tinnitus thanks to best-in-class technology and Oto’s digital support platform.”

The announcement comes as Oto embarks upon its 3-month accelerator journey with the exclusive Silicon Valley Y Combinator programme, following a successful £510,000 pre-seed investment round.

Nuheara is now selling IQbuds² MAX along with a 12-month Oto subscription to its customers in a bundle on the Nuheara ecommerce store.